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About Natural Handcrafted Soap Company

Century Old Family of Natural Handcrafted Soap. Three generations later from Brazil to North Carolina Artisan and Handcrafted One that produces something (as cheese, or wine or soap) in limited quantities often using traditional methods good for the skin, anti aging, acne, wrinkles, spots, sensitive skin, dry and oily skin. read more about us .. NATURALHANDCRAFTEDSOAP.COM

Artisan Natural Handcrafted Beer Soap Things You Can Do with Beer (Besides Drink It)

So this week, inspired soap by Natural Handcrafted Soap Company- Guinness Beer ,
This is soap is made with Guinness Extra Stout Beer.
Produces luscious bubbles and a refreshing, clean scent.

** DO NOT attempt to eat or drink this soap!

** DO NOT attempt to eat or drink this soap!

Guinness Beer Soap – Handmade, Natural – looks like a mug of beer – Perfect gift for the Beer Lover!
Hops are known to sooth irritated skin and contain skin softening amino acids. . Makes an awesome gift for weddings, bridesmaids, groomsmen, or just birthdays, anniversaries, or the holidays.
Instead of sipping a beer, try soaking in it.
Scrub up in the body and make a real bubble bath.

Stout Beer

Stout Beer

*Ships worldwide from United States from NATURAL HANDCRAFTED SOAP COMPANY This shop accepts Gift Cards 

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Handmade Soap Using Beeswax and Honey

How  do  Beeswax  and Honey Make Soap Better?
Goat milk Soap

Goat milk Soap with Beeswax and Honey

All the natural handcrafted soap,  even  those  with  no  beeswax

or  honey, a  humectant    are  naturally  1/3  glycerin

which  attracts   moisture  to  the  skin.

Buttermilk – Mango Butter – Honey -Beeswax

For centuries, milk has been used as a natural, soothing skin cleanser and skin softener.

Goat's milk Soap made with Beeswax and Honey!

Goat’s milk Soap made with Beeswax and Honey!

Honey  is  hygroscopic.    Adding  it  to  any  cosmetic
product’s conditioning increases  that moisturizing properties
Golden Blossom Honey and Beeswax -handcrafted soap

Golden Blossom Honey and Beeswax -handcrafted soap

Beeswax  does  three  things  in  Soaps

It  makes  the  soap  gentler  on  the  skin

It  makes  the  soap  harder  and  longer lasting

It  helps  the  soap maker  by  decreasing  the time  it  takes
the  soap  to  “trace .
 Goat's Milk Goldem Blossom

 Mango butter has been traditionally used in the Rain forests and tropics for it’s skin softening, soothing, moisturizing.The combination of milk, honey,beeswax and mango butter makes for a soft, soothing, moisturizing soap with the scent of spring time. Beeswax - makes the soap gentler on the skin harder and longer lasting

Picture 1271

Skin Healer

In its natural state, beeswax is firm but pliable. Melted and combined with other ingredients, beeswax adds body to skin care products, making creams thicker. Like other beehive products, including honey and royal jelly, beeswax offers anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral benefits, according to the magazine, Delicious Living, making it potentially beneficial for treating minor skin irritations.

Around the web  About Bees – Honey and Beeswax

NATURAL HANDCRAFTED SOAP COMPANY -BEESWAX  Beeswax makes a harder bar of soap and is also used in creams, lotions, lip balms.Our Beeswax is a natural secretion of honey bees who feed from organic botanicals .Beeswax has the beautiful, sweet aroma of honey and a rich, golden color.

A woman in Queens, N.Y. found she had 50,000 extra roommates mooching rent-free in her apartment: honey bees that had assumed squatter’s rights inside her ceiling.



  • Beeswax is a natural wax produced in the bee hive of honey bees of the genus Apis.. Wikipedia




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5 Great Reasons to Use Clay on Natural Soap

The goal during a one-week “handcrafted soap with clay ” challenge

1. No preservatives, nothing extra added, stands up to the “all natural soap with Sea Clay  Kelp


Sea Kelp  and Clay

Sea Kelp and Clay

2. Draws out impurities, leaves skin silky smooth underneath. It’s awkward to wash your hands with rose and Sea Clay a when we’re so used to the idea of getting rid of dirt.

French Lavender Soap

French Lavender Soap rose clay and sea cl;ay

3. Peppermint Soap with Clay way to shampoo leave a fresh-feeling clean scalp.The scalp feels extremely clean after a peppermint with sea clay soap , though a drop of conditioner was still required on ends and body of the hair to promote comb through.

Peppermint large Bar Limited Edition

Peppermint Soap large Bar Limited Edition

4.Moroccan Red Clay Soap with Grapefruit – it’s really all-natural, supports the village in Morocco near where it is mined, gets you off of Sodium Laureth Sulfate and other harsher cleaners, and feels great.

African Grapefruit Soap

African Grapefruit Soap

5. There are positive pay-offs worth taking a look at Natural Handcrafted Soap Company , however, especially if you are one of those people that have sensitive skin or are for any reason intolerant of the substances in most modern make up.


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2 Tips about Lavender to Make You Feel Better About Monday

Use lavender soap to treat insomnia.

Anyone who has known me for any length of time will tell you that I have struggled often with insomnia.

Lavender soap - Lavender Buds

Lavender soap – Lavender Buds

Take a nice Monday  hot bath with a handmade  lavender soap . Have you done this before? If not, then you are in for a TREAT. I remember when I was a child my mother putting lavender buds in my bath and it always made me feel relaxed and sleepy. Just the perfect bedtime remedy for Mondays.

Lavender is also  Natural bug repellant. We put 1-2 drops on our neck and behind our ears and it keeps bugs away or use this soap with Lavender and Geranium on my recommendation!

Lavender Geranium

Lavender Geranium


French Lavender Soap

French Lavender Soap

Lavender Soap

Lavender Soap

Need to purchase some lavender natural handcrafted soap ? Take a peek in my online store where you’ll find this products.

Free from anything remotely unnatural – heaven in a bar – and crafted exactly as a homemade soap should be. Well worth the price tag.

Books About Lavender

Lavender: The Grower's Guide
Lavender: The Grower’s Guide
Amazon Price: $27.36
List Price: $29.95

The Lavender Cookbook
The Lavender Cookbook
Amazon Price: $7.23
List Price: $18.95


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Top five goat’s milk soap from Natural Handcrafted Soap

We get our organic goat’s milk from Fresh & Local Woodcrest Farm here in North Carolina !

soaps100 026

Woodcrest Farm is a working family farm, much like it was 100 years ago. This has always been a “family farm” – which means that, in today’s agricultural market, it is too small to be profitable in the usual agri-business model.



Goat’s From the Farm


Goat’s milk Farm

Their strategy has been to develop niche markets: grass-fed Dexter and Angus beef, farm-raised pork, goats and sheep, free-range chickens, pet milk, and in 2008  began raising organic produce. All of these activities can coexist, use the land gently, and be economically practical for a family farm.


Goat’s Milk Soap with LOTS of golden blossom honey that complements the moisturizing qualities.

Our goat milk soaps are famous for their high-quality natural ingredients and its 100% fresh goat’s milk, not dried powder milk.

Picture 3247Goat’s Milk with Honey Oatmeal and Pear Berry Soap

Goat's Milk and Pear berry -Made from milk honey and beeswax sourced from local, sustainable, chemical-free hives and Farm fresh goat's milk, this bar soap is giant in moisture,, and nourishes your skin..

Goat’s Milk and Pear berry -Made from milk honey and beeswax sourced from local, sustainable,
chemical-free hives and Farm fresh goat’s milk, this bar soap is giant in moisture,, and nourishes your skin..

Farm Fresh Goats Milk Soap – Made with Local Farm Milk

Goat milk Soap

Goat milk Soap

Goat and Organic Coconut Milk with Honey and Oatmeal

Picture 2476Butter and Goat Milk Soap with Oatmeal and Honey

41-OD-butter-milk-soap2It’s 100 % Pure Organic Goat’s Milk Soap Enjoy it !

Goat’s milk soap from

Goat’s milk soap from Pinterest

Goat’s Milk Soap from Natural Handcrafted Soap Company

 Goat’s Milk Benefits


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