Handmade soap products each State Googles more frequently than other States

Americans type into the Google search Handmade Soap “Natural soap” Organic Soap or searches through Google Trends from each State.

The goats milk and natural oils results in a pure, clean soap that nourishes, and just as important, does not clog pores.

Alabama : Natural Soap All Natural Goat’s Milk

Farm Fresh Goat’s Milk Handmade Soap
Pamper yourself with our Goat’s Milk Soap , We get our organic goat’s milk from a local Farm. ” Our goat milk soaps are famous for their high-quality natural ingredients and its 100% fresh goat’s milk, not dried powder milk. Goat’s milk soap is good for everyday use to moisturize and condition your skin Our Artisan soaps are wonderful skin care. 

California: Google for Beer and Coffee Soap

  • Delicious, rich, creamy Coffee notes mixed with Cocoa Butter
  • Beer Soap is great for personal use, gift giving, corporate orders, wedding favors/gifts
Body and Bath Coffee Soap -Brazilian Coffee Scrub Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Beer soap that lathers well and works as a hand soap, body soap, shampoo bar, and shave soap

Florida -Hawaii – Alaska – Googles more frequently Florida Citrus soap and Coffee Natural soaps — Gifts male soaps

Citrus Soap Aged Florida Natural Bar Handmade  in stock!

Brazilian Coffee Soap Espresso Scrub Bar – Natural Artisan Handmade Ships Same Day on Orders Placed Before 11AM Est.

Gift Gentleman’s Soap Gift Set – 12 Piece Artisan All Natural in stock!

Arizona – New York –
Virginia: Google for Organic

Limited Edition Organic Extra Virgin Greek Oil Peppermint And Rosemary Natural Soap Limited Edition

Georgia – Wedding State. Google for weddings soaps Castile or Olive Oil .

Castile Olive- Palm Soap Artisan Natural Bar
Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil Soap -Mediterranean Sea Salt – Aged Limited Olive Oil Soap

Maine – Minnesota- Nebraska – Louisiana -Mississippi

Love Coffee Soaps

New Jersey – North Dakota – Ohio – Oregon- Vermont – Utah- Pennsylvania -South Carolina – Wisconsin

Googling Olive Oil Soap –
New Jersey – North Dakota – Ohio – Oregon- Vermont – Utah- Pennsylvania -South Carolina – Wisconsin

North Carolina – This Handmade gift basket soap Googles more frequently from Amazon.Handmade

Michigan- Colorado- Tennessee – Texas
Idaho- North Dakota – New Mexico

Limited Edition Large Aged Bar Soap….Egyptian Geranium


Limited Edition –Egyptian –Geranium Bar..Aged Large Soap Bar. Limited Edition Soap Only Large barThis is a wonderful aged 

Illinois –
Wyoming –
Delaware –
Arizona –
Massachusetts –
Arkansas –
Missouri –
Connecticut –

Lovely Dead Sea Mud Soaps –
Dead Sea mud is
augmented and enriched with more than 26 different minerals. Dead Sea Mud is rich in mineral content. This will devour the skin with a natural look.
Illinois –
Wyoming –
Delaware –
Arizona –
Massachusetts –
Arkansas –
Missouri –
Connecticut –

Rhode Island – Indiana – Kansas – Oregon –
New Hampshire – Maryland – Washington

Volcanic Ash Soap All Natural Artisan- With Cocoa Butter and Patchouli Natural Bar

December Holidays Handmade Soap Gift

Today is the first day of December, and to ring in the holiday season. Every year, Natural handcrafted Soap has a variety of Handmade soaps gifts to help you celebrate your favorite year-end holidays gift giving , whether you’re celebrants of Christmas, Hanukkah , and every tradition in between. 


Celebrate Parties & Holiday Ideas

Find the perfect gift set of soaps for any occasion, from birthdays to weddings to holidays, anniversaries .and more.12 PIECE GIFT SET ALL NATURAL SOAP – INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED 7 OZ. EACH

Holidays Gift French Lavender Rose with Icelandic Sea Kelp 1 Pound Bar 2 Limited Edition Aged Bar

1 Pound Bar Provence French Lavender with Rose Petals and Icelandic Organic Sea Kelp
Holidays Christmas Gift
Provence of France Lavender Soap amazing scent feels like the French country side.Organic Sea Kelp (Icelandic)

Our Organic Icelandic Kelp is the highest quality kelp available . Icelandic Sea Kelp (Laminaria Hyperborea) is a type of seaweed that grows in the pure, unpolluted, nutrient-rich seawaters of Iceland. Kelps are known for their efficient ability to absorb high amounts of minerals from the sea, and naturally help nurture skin’s complexion by retaining precious moisture.

Gift Natural Artisan Four Bar Gift Set Milk Soaps for all skin type.

Organic Milk Soap Luxury Handmade 4 Bar Soap Set
  4 bars of soap – weight 7 – 8 oz each bar of soap

Gift Handmade Soap –Men or Women’s Eleven Bars – Natural Gift Set -Soaps for Everyone .

Happy Holidays ! Men’s gift set – we exchange the roses for a 2 more small bars and 1 coffee soap (Variety Gift Set -Soaps for Everyone) ! Buy Items That Simplify Your Life. Natural Health & Beauty Natural Soaps.

All Natural Soaps Gift Basket Five Piece Soap Set 100% All Natural – Natural Handmade

Perfect Gift Handmade Gift Basket of Natural Soaps for Person Use, Holidays , Birthdays, Anniversary Thinking of You Giving ,Falls , Winter , Summer , Spring and more find this basket on Amazon.com

Searches related to natural handcrafted soap christmas holidays soaps

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Almond and Hazelnut Soap This soap is delightful aroma has almond and hazelnut oils and cocoa butter and will make you think of wonderful holiday meals.
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Celebrate Parties & Holiday Ideas Find the perfect gift set of soaps for any occasion, from birthdays to weddings to holidays, anniversaries .and more. Great for …
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christmas soap bars

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melt and pour Christmas soap recipes

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christmas liquid soap

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 Coffee soap, the antioxidant-boosting, cellulite-busting, stretch mark-reducing, gets the garlic smell off your hands bar of wonder.

Coffee Soap
Check out our coffee soap selection for the Artisan Natural Handcrafted coffee soaps

Espresso Coffee Soap – The Wake-Me-Up You Need to Try

Anti-aging. …
Calming. …
Exfoliant and Cellulite Reduction. …
Cancer Combatant. …
Exacerbate Acne with Antibacterial Properties. …
Reduce Dark Circles Around Your Eyes. …
Protect Your Skin from Sunburn. …
Prevent Rosacea Flare Ups.

Coffee in natural soap -Fight acne, eczema and psoriasis

The natural oil in coffee contains enzymes that detoxify, cleanse and help unclog pores, making it ideal for treating acne, eczema and other skin problems.

Hawaiian Kona Coffee and Organic Hawaiian Coconut Milk Soap-

  • All Natural Hawaiian Kona Coffee and Coconut Milk Soap
  • Fresh Kona Coffee and Hawaii Organic Coconut Milk
  • An incredibly , exotic coconut milk from Hawaiian Island , For added skin goodness we mix Hawaiian Organic Coconut Milk with kona Coffee
  • This soap is wonderful for all skin types.

Great for sensitive skin – Natural caffeine found in coffee has been shown to be very soothing to the skin

  • Antioxidants and Exfoliation– Exfoliate or deep-cleanse, and let coffee’s natural antioxidants cleanse your pores
  • Eliminating Odors – Natural coffee grounds are one of nature’s best deodorizers
  • Our Cold Process coffee soaps are aged made from small batches and cured for at least 60 days to make it extra gentle to skin
  • All of our soaps are made, cut and packaged by hand in small batches to ensure quality of each and every bar of soap.
  • 100% Exfoliate your skin improves circulation & help remove residual dirt, giving you a fresher, younger, more moisturized appearance.
  • Coffee grounds in this scrub soaps acts as a mechanical exfoliate that helps to scrub away dead skin to reveal the new, healthy skin .

Coffee sources

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9 Milk Soap Ideas To Soothe The Skin

 Goat milk soap can be your next best alternative in achieving that soft, smooth skin.  “Handwashing with soap is one of the most effective things you can do.

Check out these 9 milk soap you must try.

1. Aged Limited Edition Farm Fresh Goat’s Milk Soap Buy from Amazon.com , Etsy.com and Natural Handcrafted Soap Goat’s Milk Soap

Goat milk has a pH level similar to the pH of human skin.
Goat milk nourishes your body inside and outside! Goat milk is easily absorbed into the skin.

2. All Natural Best Body and Face Soap Our goat milk soaps are famous for their high-quality natural ingredients and its 100% fresh goat’s milk, not dried powder milk.

Goat’s Milk Soap All Natural Farm Fresh Milk … – Amazon.com

3. Awesome Magical items you can’t find anywhere else. Just on Etsy.com Honey Soap Gold Blossom and Goat’s Milk Farm Fresh Facial Soap !

Goats Milk Handcrafted Soap With Local Blossom Honey And Farm Fresh Milk

4. Age Bar Handmade Artisan Pure Hawaiian Kona Coffee and Coconut Milk Soap 13 oz.

Hawaiian Kona Coffee and Hawaiian Coconut Milk Soap

Hawaiian “Kona coffee” and a blend of Hawaiian Coconut milk and oils make a great nourishing secrets of Hawaii .

5. All Natural 4 Milk’s Soap Gift Set Grandma’s All Natural Handcrafted Soap

That is a great way to try different scent, stock up or share with your loved ones these amazing soaps are all “Natural” 7 to 8 oz each – Buttermilk and Goat’s milk

6. Almond Milk – Almond milk soap if you love almond this soap is for you face and hands .The almond milk helps prevents your hands from drying out.

Almond Hazelnut Soap Natural Aged Bar with Cocoa Butter Almond and Acai Berry Butter Handmade! People with dry to normal skin are encouraged to give it a try.. The almond oil helps prevents your hands from drying out.

7. Oatmeal Honey – Goat’s Milk and Buttermilk Face and Body Soap to keeps skin super soft to touches it.

Very few soaps can nail that balance of moisturizing and cleansing, but the Oatmeal Honey & Goat’s Buttermilk Face and Body Soap does just that!

8. Buttermilk Soap We use fresh creamy buttermilk . Our buttermilk comes from healthy cows who have been feeding in open pastures and nothing else, with no added chemicals or artificial thickener

9. Amazon Handmade Soap Store Goat’s & Coconut Milk Soap help treat dry and irritated skin and is “suitable for all skin types

. Goat milk is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals. Its gentle and nourishing properties bathe your skin in luxury. The oatmeal naturally exfoliates your skin, leaving you feeling love refreshed and silky soft.

Americans say they wash their hands. Over 90% of those questioned in a telephone survey said they washed up after using a public bathroom. But when the American Society of Microbiology and a trade association group observed people in public restrooms (in stadiums, train stations, etc.), they found that only 75% of men washed their hands. Women weren’t perfect, but at 90%, did better than the men.