Atlantic Beach Spa day with Goat’s milk and Sea Kelp Soaps.

The warm Atlantic becomes a bathtub here in the Atlantic Beach in North Carolina .

“My absolute favorite this summer is the soap make with Sea kelp and Goat’s milk  best seller’s from a local  Spa  in the Atlantic ocean, sea clay which helps remove dirt and toxins and sea algae which has antioxidant and nourishing properties. Use it under the shower after a day on the beach and you actually feel like you’ve just been to the spa!”

Peppermint Soap

Peppermint Soap from a local spa n the Atlantic ocean , but you can get from NATURAL HANDCRAFTED SOAP

from a local  Spa  in the Atlantic ocean.

Goat's milk soap - coconut milk for all kin type help treat also people with the driest skin types

Goat’s milk soap – coconut milk for all kin type help treat also people with the driest skin types FIND ON THE ATLANTIC OCEAN SPA or Online HERE

From The Atlantic -Sea kelp gently polishes the skin, while the unrefined cocoa butter moisturizes. Our organic Sea Kelp with olive, palm , coconut and avocado oil cleanses, detoxifies skin and deodorizes naturally . This soap is full of lather and left unscented which makes a great facial soap, as well as body.


Milk and Kelp Soap   SEA KELP AND MILK Buy Now

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Skin perfection with natural healthy handmade soap.

Want a skin healthy and beautiful? Try a wide range of natural handcrafted soaps skin care natural bar. Skin is the largest organ of the human body and is as unique to every individual as a fingerprint.
The first step you should take in caring for your skin is to identify your skin type in order to make sure you’re using the appropriate natural soap for your skin type.
For people with oily skin prone to breakouts, Copaiba with Coconut Milk or Australian Tea Tree Soaps skin to help unclog pores.


Copaiba is the secret of Brazilians for beautiful young and healthy skin. . Rain forest Copaiba is known among indigenous tribes for its soothing and calming properties on the skin and against all kind of skin- disorders. FIND MORE HERE

Using the right soaps can improve the performance of toners,
facial moisturizers best results. Check out our natural handcrafted soap selection and don’t forget to pamper your skin when you have a little down time.

Australian Tea Tree Soap
Australian Tea Tree Soap Get from AMAZON.COM

The weekend is the perfect time to use an exfoliant like Coffee Soap Scrub for your body and Dead Sea Mud with Sea Salt . For the sensitive skin try this amazing soap Goat’s milk and Golden Blossom Honey


Goat's milk Honey blossom luxury soap

Goat’s milk Honey blossom luxury soap HERE ON OR WEBSITE BUY NOW

Natural Soaps isn’t only for women, either.
Men should also take care of their skin with a regular skin care regime.

volcanic-soap 004
From gentle shaving volcanic ash with Patchouli soap to daily 12 soap gift just for male for healthy, supple skin. These daily natural handcrafted soap find on EBAY  will keep your skin healthy.


Natural Handcrafted Soap Artisan Twelve Piece Gentleman’s Soap Gift Set you can find us on EBAY.COM

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Natural Soap Special Ingredients of Earth Just like Aleppo .

Natural Soap uses family recipes and techniques from over 100 years ago, also we use recipes and the method of the making of Syria – Aleppo soap where it all began centuries ago.

Handmade Soap Artisan soap Natural Soap
Handmade Soap Artisan Soap Natural Soap -Earthy like ingredients  – Olive Oil  and Olive tree leaves . BUY HERE OLIVE OIL SOAP  LIMITED EDITION AGED

The Special Ingredients of Earth – Castile Soap

All of our soaps are made in small batches to ensure the quality of each batch. We hand stir, hand cut and hand wrap every bar. We even make our own wrapper. Every bar is given a long cure period so that when it reaches you it is mild and ready to use.. We hand-make many different varieties of soap. Every bar begins with a high percentage of cold pressed olive oil to which we add organic coconut, palm and castor, avocado, brazilian nut, almond and hazelnut , tea tree, and copaiba oils for a rich creamy lather that nourishes as it moisturizes. Next we add botanicals, butters, and cleansing earth clays for their exceptional skin care benefits. Finally, we scent our fragrant soaps with only pure essential oils extracted from plants . . .fresh clean scents, the way mother nature intended We also use oils from Italy, Greece, and Spain, clays and flowers from Morocco and France, essential oils and butters from Africa, France, Australia and Egypt.

Handmade soap

Handmade Soap Castile  get from AMAZON.COM


Grandmother’s used the Aleppo Soap Recipes one time ..

Handmade soap

Handmade Soap

Santa Lucia Murari Borba was a farmer’s daughter from Murari’s Borba, born in Italy 1904, who pioneered the natural handcrafted soap industry with essential oils in Brazil check more or our soaps HERE ON NATURAL HANDCRAFTED SOAP COMPANY.

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The Key to a Superior Soap

Anyone can see that a natural handcrafted soap  falls on the quality of its ingredients.
I use a process called the cold-process method, using only the heat of the reaction (no external heat)retaining vital nutrients including glycerin to make and give you a soap that I feel is the best for our skin without the use of chemicals  . Ingredients made with selected natural essence oils , clay’s , herbs , butters for  a mild and gentle soap with superior moisturizing and emollient qualities – great for the skin .

Greek Olive Oil soap

Greek Olive Oil soap-Made with olive oils from Creta -Greece -Spain  oil for Castile  Greek – Olive Oil – Brazil Oils –  Oils from Brazil .

Castile Olive Palm Soap – Castile soap originated in the Kingdom of Castile, where it was made from olive oil .This soap is great for all skin types.



Our Goat’s milk -Blossom Honey Soap simply leaves you feeling pleased when you walk away from the shower

No matter your skin type, this gentle bar soap is perfect for everyday use.

Bar soap Goat's Milk skin-care Honey : Olive Oil , Coconut Oil ,Farm Fresh Goat’s Milk , Oatmeal , Golden Blossom Honey

Goat's milk Honey blossom luxury soap

Goat’s milk Honey blossom luxury soap  BUY NOW THIS SOAP

Provence of France Lavender Soap amazing scent feels like the french country side. Rich lather, bits of lavender flowers and rose petals with the relaxing scent of lavender in this beautiful soap

Lavender Rose Soap - (Natural lavender . Rose Soap)

Lavender Rose Soap – (Natural lavender . Rose Soap) GET THIS BAR HERE

Explore Superior Soap on Pinterest , and more!

Discover my Soaps Pinterest to .Pin -Soaps Simple ingredients and good Soaps Pin our Old Fashioned Limited Edition Soaps! Soaps bathtubs  Relaxing at home soaps , soap , soaps soaps ,,,soaps #soaps  Soaps bathtubs  Relaxing at home soaps , soap , soaps soaps ,,,soaps #soaps:

Natural Handcrafted Soap Company LLC

Saved from

Natural Handcrafted Soap Company LLC


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5 . Natural Soaps to Make Your Skin Smell Amazing This Summer


Turn your bathroom into your personal spa this summer with the vintage look soaps from NATURAL HANDCRAFTED SOAP COMPANY GET IT HERE !


Our Lemongrass soap is hand made from a blend of olive, coconut vegetable, palm oils. We use an imported lemongrass essential oil from Thailand to scent this soap, we also add dried lemongrass for a mild exfoliate  FIND THIS SOAP HERE

Peppermint soap -The steam from the shower will carry the aroma through the entire bathroom. Peppermint oil contains menthol which is good for your skin, and has a cooling effect. It is most commonly used in natural soap.

The tingly scents of peppermint essential oil will lift your spirits every morning.

Peppermint Oil Soap. This refreshing, reviving, fragrant oil is derived from the Pacific Northwest region from the peppermint plant. Our Peppermint soap is handmade from a blend of olive, coconut and palm oils.

Peppermint large Bar Limited Edition
Peppermint Soap large Bar Limited Edition Buy here


Citrus – South Africa Grapefruit Artisan Soap with Moroccan and Brazilian Red Clay
Grapefruit soap refresh your skin and stimulates circulation.

Grapefruit soap

Grapefruit Soap. Photo by Natural Handcrafted Soap. check for more on

BRAZILIAN SOAP – RAIN FOREST COPAIBA The smell of  tree  wood is reminiscent of nights spent outdoors around the fresh nature. To get that scent at home you have to check  on this website.


Brazilian women to enhance their exotic, tropical beauty, and in recent years American woman are discovering these secrets can help them look young and fresh. It cleans and moisturizes.With the addition of acai berry , cocoa butter and copaiba tree leaves, it makes this soap extra creamy and a mild exfoliant, and great smelling.

Lavender – Provence Lavender Rose Bar Soap -skin care and smells amazing .

Skin Care:

The health benefits of lavender oil for the skin can be attributed to its antiseptic and anti fungal properties. It is used to treat various skin disorders such as acne, wrinkles, psoriasis, and other inflammations

Lavender Rose Soap - (Natural lavender . Rose Soap)

Lavender Rose Soap – (Natural lavender . Rose Soap) SHOP NOW

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