Everyone wants beautiful skin … what’s new is how we do it!

Are you tired of buying the next “miracle in a bottle” and discovering after 4 weeks of use you have not experienced the results we were looking for?

It also really doesn’t matter what “newest ingredient” is in the product…if it doesn’t connect with the body’s skin cell receptors, how could it possibly do any good for you?

Usually, these products all smell good or feel good for a short time, but are you really getting the results advertised if it’s just coating and covering your skin? Of course not. In his book, The Wrinkle Cure,


Brazilian women to enhance their exotic, tropical beauty, and in recent years American woman are discovering these secrets can help them look young and fresh. It cleans and moisturizes.With the addition of acai berry , cocoa butter and copaiba tree leaves, it makes this soap extra creamy and a mild exfoliant, and great smelling TRY THIS SOAP HERE

Dr. Perricone writes about Spin Traps: “Spin Traps: Stopping Free-Radical Damage Before it Begins”. He explains that “Spin Traps create a barrier – a trap – that holds free radicals in place, so that they can be, stopped before they scar the cells that make up your skin”.

He very clearly explains how “Spin Traps work and how researchers found that the traps actually prevented the free radicals from moving from place to place and damaging cells, and that the odds are these free-radical fighters will become a highly effective method of maintaining a youthful, radiant complexion throughout life.” To start the day Perricone said nothing better then Natural Handcrafted Soap.

Suggested Natural Brazilian Soaps

Rain Forest Soap
Copaiba Coconut Milk
Brazilian Oil Soap

Lavender Rose Soap - (Natural lavender . Rose Soap)

Lavender Rose Soap – (Natural lavender . Rose Soap)BUY NOW  FROM NATURAL HANDCRAFTED SOAP



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  1. palin

    Natural And Organic Soaps

  2. It is good to see some doctors are coming around to see that all-natural soaps… are good for your skin.

    This is why I make my own instead of buying anything at the stores.

    Organically Yours,

  3. Yes, this article interesting.