Fragrance-free products

Fragrance-free products
If you are allergic to several perfumes or have very sensitive skin, going completely fragrance-free is probably the best choice for you. These tend to be the very mildest products and, although they may be difficult to find, you should be able to get a complete personal care range without scent find the products at

Castile Soap Falls October

Castile Soap 


Essential oils in soaps Synthetic chemicals are widely used in soaps as they tend to be much cheaper than essential oils which offer a natural form of scent. It is often these synthetic chemicals which set off allergic reactions but essential oils can also cause reactions in some people.

Essential oils are used in many natural skin care products because of their remarkable effectiveness in both adding scent and having beneficial effects on skin. Unfortunately for those who have allergies to essential oils, this can restrict their use of even the most natural of products.



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