Prepare your skin before makeup

If you do not make any kind of skin preparation before you apply makeup, I’ll give some tips to get the makeup perfect and lasting. To get that flawless makeup, the skin should be properly prepared to receive the cosmetic.Otherwise, the whole production will last less and can keep your face looking greasy. Try this Goat’s milk soaps – Organic and natural


Natural Handcrafted Soap

Footsteps Pre-Makeup* Thoroughly clean the skin. Wash your face is essential to eliminate impurities and oils.
Be careful with the water temperature, which can not be hot nor cold.
Use specific soaps for your skin type. Read more here
Natural Handcrafted Soap

Olive Oil Soap Gentle enough for sensitive skin! A shaving, dry-skin must have!

Olive Oil Soap Gentle enough for sensitive skin! A shaving, dry-skin must have!

Each skin care specific requests.
Some brands offer products “2 in 1”, cleaning and toning. These products facilitate the preparation of the skin on a day-to-day.

* Hydration. Choose products without oil and will not cause clogged pores. If you use any anti-aging cream or specific care of the face, we must apply it before makeup to avoid the risk of spoiling the make.

* Sun Protection. It is essential. Sunscreen should be used every day in the morning.
Today you also find moisturizers and foundations with sunscreen.
* Primer. The primer is a product used as pre-makeup.
Its function is to standardize the skin, reduce sebum, tighten pores and set makeup for longer.
It is not always necessary, but some people make much difference. , fills the surface of the skin, leaving it clean to receive the base.
It is intended primarily for those with open pores, fine lines or acne marks.

Now your skin is clean, moisturized and protected, ready to receive the makeup!

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