End-of-Summer – Natural Handcrafted Soap

Your basic shower routine can take your from fall through early summer — but once the sweltering days of August and early September set in, those commercial soaps you relied on all year can become too heavy, too goop, and too pimple-producing. To help keep your skin clear and pretty through extreme heat and humidity, make these switches:
Old-fashioned natural handcrafted soap handcrafted natural french, goats milk, coffee soaps created in small batches using a variety of organic natural oils, butters & botanicals.
Double Cut Two Bar Aged Limited Edition Soap Set Jasmine with Rose Oil – Oatmeal With Mango Butter

Brazilian Pure Coffee Luxury Scrub Soap with Cocoa Butter

Suggested Coffee Soaps

Brazilian Coffee Scrub Soap
Brazilian Espresso Coffee Scrub
French Cafe au Lait
Hawaiian Kona Coffee
Coffee Luxury Scrub Soap

This soap is wonderful for all skin types. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee, not to mention the scent of orange, hazelnut and cinnamon essential oil mixed in with a rich scent of Brazilian espresso coffee and cocoa butter.
Goats Milk Soap with Golden Blossom Honey
Goat's Milk Goldem Blossom

Goats milk contains over 50 nutrients. Vitamins such as A, Bs, C and E along with minerals, amino and other fatty acids help to rejuvenate and heal skin cells.
Florida Citrus Sunshine with Mango Butter Soap


feels like your bathing on the shores of South beach with a extra creamy bar of soap.