Goat’s Milk Handcrafted Soap Bars

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One of my favorite types of handmade soap is of course the goats milk soap.


This soap which can be found  with pear berry scent  for kids  as well as unscented is very gentle and soothing on sensitive skin .

One of the best places for buying goats milk or any other type of handmade and handcrafted soap is right here NATURAL HANDCRAFTED SOAP. –   you can find a huge selection of available scents and types of soap.

Goat's Milk Soap Gently for Adults and Kids

Have you ever tried goat’s milk soap before?

Handmade or handcrafted goat’s milk  soaps  smells wonderful and feels even better on your skin. We added honey , oatmeal and beeswax in some of ours  goat’s milk soaps.

Goat milk is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals. Its gentle and nourishing properties bathe your skin in luxury. The oatmeal naturally exfoliates your skin, leaving you feeling refreshed and silky soft.

NATURAL HANDCRAFTED SOAP. – *Goat ‘s Milk Soap Your skin will certainly FEEL the difference! Box with a wonderful handmade decorative soaps and  include 1 milk  bar  

Handmade Soap - for all skin care

Handmade Soap – for all skin care


Our goat milk soaps are famous for their high-quality natural ingredients and its 100% fresh goat’s milk, not dried powder milk. This soap is made from pure whole fresh goat milk and is left unscented to enjoy the pure natural scent of goats milk .




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