When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, Natural Handcrafted Soap =)

Helps Lighten Dark Spots with Florida Citrus Sunshine Soap

Other Place to find Lemons products
Lemon Z Limoncello – Produced in New Zealand. Product information and distributors.

http://people.cis.ksu.edu/~bhoward/lemon.html Computers: Programming: Languages: Functional
Lemon Groundwork Supplies – Supply and fix for steel reinforcements, steel reinforcing bars, steel reinforcing mesh, groundheave products and groundwork accessories.
http://www.lemon-gs.co.uk/ Regional: Europe: United Kingdom: England: Essex: Wickford: Business and Economy ()
Lemon production, s.r.o. – Komunikační agentura. Servis v oblasti mediálních kampaní, společenských akcí a TV reklam.
http://www.lemons.cz/ World: Česky: Obchod a služby: Marketing a reklama: Reklama: Agentury ()

Nefco Export Ltd. – Exporters of frozen lemon, grapefruit, and orange concentrates for the food industry.
http://www.nefcoexport.com/ Business: Food and Related Products: Produce: Frozen ()
Florida Key West – Wholesaler and retailer of natural single strength and concentrated lemon and lime juice.
http://www.florida-juice.com/ Business: Food and Related Products: Produce: Fruits: Citrus ()

http://www.italprod.ro/ Business: Food and Related Products: Produce: Fruits ()
Limoncello di Capri – Made exclusively with lemons of Sorrento. Includes products and cocktail recipes.
http://www.limoncello.com/ Recreation: Food: Drink: Liquor: Liqueur ()
Limoncello Amalficello – Lemon based liqueur. Product and contact information.


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  1. This is an amazing product which can be used for everything in my shower routine. I wash my face, body, and hair with this and shave with it. For a week and a half I have been looking especially pretty and clean. My skin is soft and my blemishes are gone. Simplicity is ideal for me and this is one of my all time favorite beauty products now. It lathers gently and rinses well.

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