3 Best Seller Soaps for Mom and Baby …

These lists, updated monthly , contain bestselling soaps . Mom and Baby most popular – Natural Handcrafted Bath Soaps.healthy-beauty

Goat’s milk soap with Honey Blossom for mom and baby Honey just might be Mother Nature’s premiere treatment for skin; the sticky stuff has a host of benefits.

Goat’s Milk Soap with LOTS of golden blossom honey that complements the moisturizing qualities.

Goat's Milk Goldem Blossom


According to a Yahoo review Dr. Engelman Honey is  antioxidant-rich nectar attacks bacteria (including  the strain that causes acne) and can even help heal infections and prevent new ones .

Remember taking oatmeal baths as a kid? Turns out it was a smart idea. “This is a really good one,”

Dr. Engelman says of oatmeal. Its anti-inflammatory qualities have long been known to calm angry skin.So Following the steps of one bestseller soaps Oatmeal Mango Butter

Our Oatmeal bath soap is great for all skin types. Recommended for sensitive skin ,one of our top selling soap.

8-1&keywordssoaps In addition, this natural cleanser removes dirt and oil from pores while also creating a barrier to lock moisture into skin.

You mom must love this Mother and Baby Twelve Piece Soap Gift Set


Each bar is wrapped and labeled individually, just like all our soaps.

Picture of young artist drawing using crayon.


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