ALS challenge and scrub with natural handcrafted soaps .

Take a Cold Shower for Your Health
We nominate you to  take the ALS challenge and scrub with natural handcrafted soaps .

O’Connor debunks the long-standing view that water temperature matters when it comes to killing germs on your body and hands. In controlled studies, water temperature had no effect on how well hand or body washing .

Here is some best natural soaps for cold washing!

Beer Soap – Oatmeal and Stout is a soft soap good on water temperature  super cold

NOVO-STOUT-2Goat’s Milk Soap with LOTS of golden blossom honey that complements the moisturizing qualities.

1b7f5-amazonsoaps5Olive Oil Soap For Cold Shower Outdoor.

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ALS challenge with Artisan Soaps
Cold Showers Outdoors
Cold Showers Outdoors

There are countless studies which show that cold exposure improves your immunity.

Cold water exposure over time is shown to improve circulation.

In Siberia, they take it one step further and dump a whole bucket of cold water over children’s heads, in a ritual called Rodnichok or cold springs.

Healthy Skin & Hair (not dried out)

Energy Increase

Energy Increase

For more on cold showers and their benefits, check out the links below.

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There is no denying that the Ice Bucket Challenge has done plenty of good, raising awareness of ALS — a particularly debilitating nerve disease commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease — as well as $7.6 million for the ALS Association. said Mashable .


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  2. I prefer a bar of soap in the shower and at the sink, and this soap is magical. Something about the goat milk and other ingredients makes for a powerful cleaner but leaves your skin smooth (not sticky!) and smelling awesome natural . I found these beer soaps a couple months ago and I will be continuing to buy them.

  3. This is a big bar of soap! I wasn’t sure exactly how substantial this bar of soap would be but it seems like it will last a while. It lathered nicely and has a nice scent. It feels great to scrub with and is easy to grip,. I recommend pairing this soap with a shower beer!

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