5 Great Reasons to Use Clay on Natural Soap

The goal during a one-week “handcrafted soap with clay ” challenge

1. No preservatives, nothing extra added, stands up to the “all natural soap with Sea Clay  Kelp


Sea Kelp  and Clay
Sea Kelp and Clay

2. Draws out impurities, leaves skin silky smooth underneath. It’s awkward to wash your hands with rose and Sea Clay a when we’re so used to the idea of getting rid of dirt.

French Lavender Soap
French Lavender Soap rose clay and sea cl;ay

3. Peppermint Soap with Clay way to shampoo leave a fresh-feeling clean scalp.The scalp feels extremely clean after a peppermint with sea clay soap , though a drop of conditioner was still required on ends and body of the hair to promote comb through.

Peppermint large Bar Limited Edition
Peppermint Soap large Bar Limited Edition

4.Moroccan Red Clay Soap with Grapefruit – it’s really all-natural, supports the village in Morocco near where it is mined, gets you off of Sodium Laureth Sulfate and other harsher cleaners, and feels great.

African Grapefruit Soap
African Grapefruit Soap

5. There are positive pay-offs worth taking a look at Natural Handcrafted Soap Company , however, especially if you are one of those people that have sensitive skin or are for any reason intolerant of the substances in most modern make up.


2 thoughts on “5 Great Reasons to Use Clay on Natural Soap

  1. Personally, I’ve seen people benefit from taking Bentonite Clay to help with
    Digestive disturbances like acid reflux, constipation, bloating, gas, etc. (Kaolin clay was common ingredient in medicines like Maalox and Rolaids for years)
    Helping with skin and allergy issues
    To help provide minerals for the body
    To help speed recovery from vomiting and diarrhea
    In oral health preparations
    Externally for all types of skin problems and to speed healing
    I have to try this soaps …

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