Beer Soap -Guinness Extra Stout

Sometimes you want to say you’d rather be drinking a beer than doing what you’re doing.So,…

Why Not take  a Shower with Guinness ?

Oatmeal and Stout With Shea Butter made with Guinness Extra Stout
Oatmeal and Stout With Shea Butter made with Guinness Extra Stout
(Extra Stout handmade Beer Soap)

Beer helps to flush out toxins from your skin. Once the toxins leave your skin, you can see a natural glow on your face. Beer Makes Skin Soft Beer softens your skin from within. When your skin is able to breathe and has enough moisture in it, it becomes soft and supple. The Vitamin B present in beer helps it soften the skin. Beer Fights Acne Beer has some anti-bacterial properties that helps fight off acne. So, add beer to your face packs and get a clear acne-free skin. Ground hops and barley added.


What can I say,, This is a new addition to our family of soaps and it is just wonderful, Beer ( we use Guinness extra stout) is full of great natural ingredients so NATURALLY , it makes a wonderful creamy, conditioning, lathery and moisturizing soap.


Beer is made with hops and barley which are both extremely gentile and wonderful for the skin . With the addition of Shea butter and oatmeal it makes this soap even more mild and gentle with a natural exfoliate with super creamy lather, Lets not forget the amazing fresh scent,, ITS a must have. We all have heard that red wine has resveratrol and is loaded with antioxidants. But surely for all you beer lovers out there -can beer be good for your skin?


Science has now been showing results just why beer is useful in skin care but the effects have been known for thousands of years.

The topical application of milk, dead-sea salt and mud, beer, oils, and other herbal skin care formulas dates back to Cleopatra and her anti aging skin care beauty regimens. Women of the upper classes used beer for all sorts of cosmetic and therapeutic purposes, such as to freshen, soothe, anti age the skin, hair care and reduce the risk of skin conditions.

Beer yeast is rich in elements, can increase skin elasticity and can help improve the symptoms of acne by suppressing the excessive secretion of sebum and killing off the bacteria that triggers acne. Beer has shown to have antibacterial properties, which protect against infections.

The finest quality, natural ingredients. This means:

X. NO artificial , preservatives .

X. NO artificial colors . ”

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