Handcrafted soap when beauty began and ended at the bathroom sink.

Handcrafted Soap may not be the most luxurious  product you’ve ever used,
but it is efficient and disposable.

Lavender Jasmine

Lavender Jasmine

Washing with cheap soaps do banish dirt; the trouble is they mess up the skin’s pH
(acid/alkali) balance, which keeps skin supple.
We’ve bought the propaganda that all soap is bad from the neck up, but that’s is a fake advertisement .
Natural Handcrafted soaps use plant-based oils that are less drying.
I use Olive-oil and Castile (unscented soaps) on my face for many years.


Olive Oil Soap

Castile Palm Olive

Castile Palm Olive

While visiting Brazil last months , I bought with me my favorite Almond and Hazelnut Oils for my
Brazilian Soaps , Almonds continue to be the best-selling nut in October Falls —in fact, they’re one of our best-selling items, from Natural handcrafted soap company.

Almond and Hazelnut Soap (Brazil)

Almond and Hazelnut Soap (Brazil)

To craft almond hazelnut soap , we use a special “double-layers” technique. Hazelnut on Top and Almond in the botton!
It’s an addicting to almond and nut’s people and smells wonderful and clean!

Shipping: This item is also available for shipping to countries outside the U.S.

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2 responses to “Handcrafted soap when beauty began and ended at the bathroom sink.

  1. Dee

    So excited to check this soaps out later

  2. I believe in thorough cleansing followed by a good natural soap and moisturizer every night.