Liquid Soap versus Solid Bar Soap

Today’s soaps come in liquid or in varieties and good old-style fashioned bars.     soap bar
We making the solid bar handcrafted from small batches all natural soaps ,toxic-free.

yummy2And our soap bar doesn’t leave your body face or hands feeling like they just got a chemical bath as a liquid soap.
If you have never analyzed, like whether bar soap or body wash is better pay careful attention. Commercial liquid soaps contain a ton of chemicals, cosmetics manufacturers use these ingredients to improve their product’s ability to clean, moisturize, or improve an odor, but they often do lots of other bad stuff in the process.

Our soap is scented naturally with only luxurious essential oils or absolutes extracted from natural plant sources for skin healing benefits; we also add herbs,butters, spices and natural botanicals for exfoliating texture and natural coloring.Each bar of natural soap is hand-cut and hand packed.

Natural-Olive - Olive Oil Soap
Natural-Olive – Olive Oil Soap

Always check the ingredient list!
When you’re at the store, read those labels.
Fragrance, triclosan and triclocarbon will be listed, making it easy to leave them on the shelf and find safer soaps.
Prefer bar soap? Choose from these that have no triclosan, triclocarbon or fragrance.

Goat milk Soap
Goat milk Soap