Mother’s Day Gifts

Pampering Mom with Natural Handcrafted Soap Gifts

These soaps are designed to draw out impurities and toxins from your body and face naturally.

Hawaii Kona Coffee Soap – Citrus Orange Lime and Lemony – Greek Olive Oil and Goat’s Milk Soap.


  • Made of: 1.Brazilian espresso coffee :  olive, coconut , palm  oil, wand natural essential oil from plants for scent.
  • 2. Citrus – Orange – Tangerine – Persian Lime and the addition of mango butter and a touch of cocoa and citrus butter from the tropical tree area of Cerrado in Brazil, avocado, palm, olive and coconut oil.
  • 3.Farm Fresh Goat’s Milk ., Olive Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Vegetable Oils
  • 4. Greek Olive Oil Soap –Organic  Cretan Olive Oil, Coconut Oil , Cocoa Butter , Cretan Organic Olive Oil Leaf Powder
  • Size Variety : between 7-12 ounces to  1 or 2 pounds…
  • These completely natural Artisan soaps contain no artificial colors , all out Goats milk,  come from our local farm, ” Cant get much fresher than that”

        Sourced from: Natural Handcrafted Soap Company

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

We will celebrate Mother’s Day

Natural Mother and Baby  Soap Gift Set for Mother's Day

Looking for a Mother’s Day gift that’s absolutely Natural Handmade and good for all skin type ?

What beauty treatments would mom enjoy most—bath soaks, face scrubs?

Each of these artisan soaps is designed for a different bathroom with just the right scent for the bath or shower .

Fill your childhood home with the smell of , orange blossom and roses.

It may be time to replace the commercial soap bar for the real one. Upgrade to this beautiful , Mother and Baby Twelve Piece Soap Gift Set allows you to give the gift of natural skin care to mothers and their precious little ones. Packaged in a beautiful gift box, the set contains six regular bars of soap, an extra-large bar for the shower, two rosette soaps for the powder room and three bars for
Baby’s bath time.
  Sourced from: Natural Handcrafted Soap Company

Mother's and bay gift

Natural Shea Butter Soaps for Mom-These all-natural, large – bath-sized Shea butter bars by Natural Handcrafted Soap Company are a Artisan handcrafted of love. They have been created by the Natural handcrafted soap company in NC – Raleigh family-run factory in Brazil for the past 100 years. The limited edition soaps appeal to the senses with beautiful Handmade Stamp and magnificent scents, Lavender , Lilac , Jasmine ..

Handcrafted Soap Company are a Artisan handcrafted of love.

Celebrating Mom

Treat mom to a day of home spa — giving her colorful Artisan Skin Care Soaps…
  Sourced from: Natural Handcrafted Soap Company