Natural Handcrafted Soap Take you Back in Time with Milky Way

Remainder back in the days  they had milk delivered in glass bottles. The milkman would leave it on the porch and in cold weather the cream would float to the top and freeze, forcing the cap loose. But never to us , we had to go out and milk the cows and goats. I just loved being around them every day. Back in the day my grandmother and mother made cheese and milk soaps and I made the bars look pretty ,,Since then I get my  … Goat’s Milk Soap  from our local farm here in NC. If you don’t have the milkman anymore we would leave  goat’s milk soaps  on your porch any day :)

Goats Milk Soap

Goats Milk Soap

Today, our cows and goat’s milk are come from a local family farms, in NC , we have Variety Milk Soaps -Limited Edition -Aged Soap , Extra Large Soap Bar and Large Bar , Small Bar and Regular Size 7 oz.
Our milk soaps has been shown to good for all skin type. It is so versatile that it makes an excellent body and face soap , shampoo bar , shaving soap, regular soap, shower soap and is even good for hand washing …

Handmade Soaps Loaves

Handmade Soaps Loaves , My Grandfather made this 2 handmade box for me , I still have it .

soaps100025More milk soaps here

Some Old Picture from 20’s


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