Can You Guess What’s Hidden Inside a Soap Maker Bathroom Cabinets?


My bathrooms are the nice size rooms of my home that I occupy several times a day.
I like to pile my soaps , towel and paper towel in just one place , looks nice and neat… also use the top drawer just for soaps .

Pile of Soaps a towel and Toilet paper on my  bathroom
Pile of Soaps a towel and Toilet paper on my bathroom

Not all bath and beauty products are the same. Some are packaged so beautifully that it would be a shame to hide them away, but I prefer

Variety of Shower or bath soaps
Variety of Shower or bath soaps

my product unpack, is better for the natural soaps cure and dry because can last for a long time , maybe months ,
If you don’t like the look of any of your products, invest in some nice bathroom accessories,

such as jars, soap dispensers or lotion dispensers. My soaps are pretty , I just place around and I not use any jars, but look wonderful in a transparent jar .

DSCN0405PS. Love the old fashioned style ,  ..smells like my beautiful grandma’s house..

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