Adding Color to Natural Soap

Natural Handcrafted Soap Co. Use oils, essential oils, and the extracts of plants, flowers, minerals,  and spices from all over the World ! We are creating beautifully Natural and Organic soaps scented and colored for  loved ones.

Adding color to my natural soaps is definitely part of the fun.  Here is some example of color I use on soaps …


  • Activated Charcoal – adds black to grey or bluish color
  • Cinnamon – while cinnamon oil burns the skin, cinnamon powder adds a nice light brown color
  • Cloves – dark brown
  • Coffee – use instant coffee to produce dark brown specs.  It is exfoliating, but will not smell like coffee.
  • Indigo Powder – creates a deep blue.
  • Woad Powder – creates a lighter blue

Moroccan Red Clay – This makes a beautiful red color and also draws out impurities of the skin and much more on my website…

I like the way that pink and rose clay, purple Brazilian clay and Moroccan clay look in cold process soap. I just use natural color from plants and clay’s in cold process soap . My soaps is available here Natural handcrafted Soap only uses natural ingredients.

Coffee Soap Scrub


Citrus oils are great if you want a yellow or orange colored bar. Use a citrus essential oil to strengthen your plant colorant, like lemon myrtle essential oil (which will enhance your annatto) and ten-fold orange essential oil (that will enhance your carrot juice soap.)

Florida Citrus Soap , feels like your bathing on the shores of South beach with a extra creamy bar of soap. Close your eyes and feel like your walking through a tangerine groove

Conversely, if you want a blue color, don’t use a citrus essential oil as it will change your final hue. Try a clear essential oil, like peppermint essential oil.

Not all colorants require an infusion, some are better placed straight into the lye solution and some like to be added straight into the batter. Although I don’t use that method very often as it will give specks in your soap and I am not personally a fan of that look! Botanicals can be sprinkled on top of soap and/or added to soap batter to spread throughout the soap bar. Essentials oils can be used for their color straight, blended or not used at all. This advice is from   also applies to essential oils!


This is a cool image I found on Pinterest. I believe that this may have been done with cold process technique so colors in melt and pour may turn out differently.



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