18 uses Natural Soaps from Florida to Dead Sea this week -February 2018


Natural soap shaving bar
Natural soap shaving bar

Men love it, too, makes a great shaving soap. BUY HERE

2. and 3. Natural HAND SOAP -OLIVE OIL SOAP 

Olive Oil Soap and Castile Soap
Olive Oil Soap and Castile Soap

Castile and Olive oil soaps-  is a good natural

for all Hand soap , body soap and face soap

4. BODY SOAP BAR .  – Coffee Scrub

wash and exfoliate at the same time.

Coffee Bar Soap
Coffee Bar soap


If you like coffee bar – This soap is wonderful for all skin types.

The aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Buy Coffee Bar Here 


5 . Peppermint FOOT Wash.  Bar of soap 

Peppermint Soap Holidays Gift
Peppermint Soap


6.7. Face Wash Bar for Acne

Copaiba  Soap with Coconut Milk and Australia tea tree.

Copaiba Soap 2018 face soap acne
Copaiba Soap 2018 face soap acne

Australian soap – Tea tree oil is well known for its skin healing properties and fresh scent.

Tea tree oil is well known for its skin healing properties and fresh scent.
Tea tree oil is well known for its skin healing properties and fresh scent.

8 .For  Body -Dead Sea Mud 

9 . SHAMPOO Bar soap of Goat’s Milk for short hair 

Wash hair and rinse well.

Hair wash  Goat's milk -Coconut natural soap
Hair wash Goat’s milk -Coconut natural soap

Goat’s milk soap is good for everyday use to moisturize and condition your skin Our Artisan soaps are wonderful skin care. Buy here NATURAL SOAP 

10  . Body and Face Wash Florida Citrus Sunshine Natural Soap.


Florida – Citrus – you must have .. Buy this Florida Citrus Bar Soap from



11. 12 , BABY WASH ,   Natural Soap Honey Blossom and Goat’s

Milk natural soaps

Baby Wash Soaps Goat's Milk Honey Bar
Baby Wash Soaps Goat’s Milk Honey Bar

13. 14. 15 .16 BATHING. Natural Soaps -Four Bar Gift Set Soap 


Gift Natural Artisan Four Bar Gift Set Soaps

17. Night Wash Body and Face Soap – Lavender . Jasmine. Lilac.

Lavender and lilac jasmine
Lavender and lilac jasmine

18. Hair soap – Hand and Body – This bar of beer soap make you looks good after shave- Beard -beer:

What can I say,, This is a new addition to our family of soaps and it is just wonderful, Beer ( we use Guinness extra stout) is full of great natural ingredients so NATURALLY , it makes a wonderful creamy, conditioning, lathery and moisturizing soap.

.Beer is made with hops and barley which are both extremely

gentile and wonderful for the skin .  BUY FROM AMAZON

18 Real Life Safe Natural Soaps To Make You Say, “Wait, What?”

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