6 Of The Best Natural SOAPS You Can Get On Amazon

1. A vegan – herbal natural sea kelp moss varesh available delicious  soaps scent (and a fragrance-free option). I get the scents that you’ll want to try ’em all…

Herbal Soaps Contain The Natural Goodness Of Nature
Herbal Soaps Contain The Natural Goodness Of Nature, buy here soaps on AMAZON.COM 

2. A lavender-scented  with Lavender essential oil from the French Provence made in small batches in North Carolina.  Made from 100% natural ingredients .

Lavender and lilac jasmine
Lavender  Soaps

3. An organic natural oatmeal soap  free of  colors or fragrances  (AKA  for your sensitive skin NOT to get red, irritated, or itchy)

Natural Soap Free of colors or fragrances
Natural Soap Free of colors or fragrances

4. A Organic Coffee Soap Scrub to keep your pits and all body feeling’ so fresh and so clean. Never think “IS THAT REPULSIVE SMELL COMING FROM ME?” ever again. Brazilian coffee grinds absorb garlic and onion and fish smell off your fingers, we recommended this soap as a hand and body soap. In other words, coffee isn’t just for drinking anymore. 

Coffee to firm up your face and remove under-eye bags.

5. The rose geranium oil is basically derived from plant called as Pelargonium Graveolens. This oil is made from the plant leaves and has a very good smell. Smell like a fresh bouquet of geranium and roses.

Natural Handcrafted Soap Egyptian Geranium with French Rose Clay- Cocoa Butter and Crushed Flowers Soap 7 + oz
Natural Handcrafted Soap Egyptian Geranium with French Rose Clay- Cocoa Butter and Crushed Flowers Soap 7 + oz “Geranium” Bar Soap Handmade !

6. Dead Sea Mud Soap with Dead Sea Salt – All Natural Handmade Bar Soap .

Dead Sea Mud Soap Bar 100% Organic & Natural.
Dead Sea Mud Soap Bar 100% Organic & Natural.


Just like grandma used to make! This bar is old-fashioned made lye soap which was very popular hundreds of years ago.
Our Lye Soap is most likely a little milder than Grandma’s was.
This bar contains no colors or fragrances. It is a pure, natural handmade soap made the the way it was made decades ago.

Contains NO Phthalates NO Parabens NO Sulfates NO Triclosan.
All these ingredients can be harmful, Some ingredients can actually strip off all the natural oils from your skin leaving it dry and itchy.
Ever wonder why some some commercial “soaps” are called “beauty bars” or “cleansing bars” instead of soap? That’s because they are NOT soap.
In fact, their chemical makeup is closer to industrial degreasers than soap. Our soaps at Natural Handcrafted Soap Company are NOT made with any of these harmful substances.
We use ingredients like Organic Coconut Oil, Lanolin, Greek Olive oil from our friends olive farm ( Organic) in Greece, sustainable Palm oil and more .
Therapeutic grade essential oils, and pure distilled water in our soaps –

Natural Handcrafted Soap Company @ Amazon.com:

Results 1 – 24 of 87 – Online shopping from a great selection at Natural Handcrafted Soap CompanyStore.

Amazon.com: Natural Handcrafted Soap Company: Handmade

Our natural handmade / handcrafted soaps are crafted using natural herbs, spices & clay’s and are scented with 100% pure essential oils for wonderful skin care.. These completely – Natural ArtisanSoaps” contain no artificial colors or fragrances, all out Goats milk, cow milk, and buttermilk all come from our local farm, ” WE …

Amazon.com Seller Profile: Natural Handcrafted Soap Company

 The result is beautifully handcrafted soap from Natural Handcrafted Soap, a Raleigh, N.C.-basedcompany. “Making soap is a lot like cooking,” Nick , co-owner of Natural Handcrafted Soap, explains. “It requires blending ingredients and getting just the right balance.” Nicks partner, who hails from Brazil, was handed down …

Natural Handcrafted Soap ... Contact me or just Leave a comment ..

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