7. Of The Best Products and Handmade Soaps from Google Search in January 2019

1.Limited Edition Organic Extra Virgin Greek Oil Peppermint And Rosemary Natural Soap Limited Edition

2.Cretan Greek Olive Oil Soap with Mediterranean Sea Salt Natural Bar

3.Brazilian Pure Coffee Soap Luxury Scrub – Handcrafted Artisan 

 Since skin is naturally porous, it can absorb coffee via your bath water the same as if you had taken a sip of brewed coffee from a mug. So, try a coffee bar with your next bath. 

4.Dead Sea Mud Israel Soap With Anise and Bay Laurel Soap – Black Natural Minerals Mud Soap 

Israel Dead Sea mud is able to help with so many various ailments or to simply keep you skin looking young and healthy for a long time.

5.Beer Soap Oatmeal and Stout Soap Bar with Guinness Extra Stout Beer- Artisan Soap 

by Natural Handcrafted Soap Company

Beer Soap with Stout and Oatmeal made with Guinness Extra Stout Natural Beer is made with hops and barley which are both extremely gentile and wonderful for the skin

6.Handmade Volcanic Ash Natural Bar Soap with Cocoa and Shea Butter Patchouli 

by Natural Handcrafted Soap Company

  • Handmade Soap volcanic ash clay for your face as a pack can help with acne and pimples. It helps absorb excessive oil from your face, without drying it out too much.

7. Body Scrub Or Facial Mask Dead Sea Mud With Mt. Everest Himalayan Pink Salt

Find balance through the highest and lowest points on Earth .
How You Can Climb Mount Everest and Float in the Dead Sea Without Leaving Your House ?

Discover New Body Scrub – From Natural Handcrafted Soap Company – Where the balance movement began. Healthy skin and physical and mental well-being is dependent on the correct sodium and potassium or fluid balance in the body.