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Review Organic and Natural Soaps

People try handmade soap for the first time, they discover how different it is and write reviews.
Santa Lucia Murari Borba was a farmer’s daughter from Murari’s Borba, born in Italy 1904, who pioneered the natural handcrafted soap industry with essential oils in Brazil

handmade Lavender Soap


Nadia , wrote:

Handmade Buttermilk Soap

“These days you just cant believe advertisement.The advertised product never live up to the hype. Every blue moon you find something that works as promise. This just happen to be one. This soap is great it deep cleans, moisturizes, and repairs the skin. It is worth the price considering, this soap is the only product you need for clean healthily looking skin. Actually It saves you money, and time

Maria wrote:

I haven’t actually used the soaps. They look and smell so neat that I have them for decor in my bathroom instead.” Maria C.,

Goat’s Milk with Beeswax
Butter and Goat Milk

Brazilian Coffee Scrub Soap
Brazilian Espresso Coffee Scrub
Janice C. wrote:


Coffee Soap (scrub)

“A very nice person. Willing to assist your needs and complaints if you have any regarding his products. He told me he makes his own products. This is a beautiful soap and it has a beautiful fragrance. If you have not tried his products you should give it a try.” Janice C.

combasix_inc, wrote:

“Called and asked if the product would be delivered on time for the occasion. The customer service (owner?) answered and assured me as soon as he got the order he’d ship and my wife would get the gift on time. That’s what happened in the end. The service is great!” combasix_inc,

Ashley S wrote:

“Love this soap!!!! not drying at all like other natural soaps. I will def buy again!!!” Ashley S.,

Melody wrote:

I listened to my voice mail and found your recording for me a couple of days ago. Thanks to my “wonderful” voice recording system, I have no idea when the message was left, but I really appreciate it your thoughtfulness by allowing me to include the aged soap in the gift box. Yes, that was my original intend, but during the phone conversation, I was under the impression it wasn’t doable, so I just ordered it as a separate piece, which is fine, I will use them all up eventually! :D In fact, I received the package this afternoon. No idea how you did it so fast since the order was only place Friday evening! I’m very happy and I keep sniffing the soap, here. Thank you for such a cute package and for doing everything so quickly and personalized. Hope you are having a great start of the week!


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Organic Handcrafted Soap for Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day in the United States is on the third Sunday of June.
June 17 , Happy father’s Day
Many might think soap is not a good gift idea for guys,
but if you get the right shape most father’s will appreciate the gift.
Natural handcrafted soaps are the ultimate gentleman’s gift.
Wonderful twelve piece men’s gift set
Picture 3160
Twelve piece gift set for men. The set includes soaps from our goat’s milk, lemongrass, peppermint, sea clay , coffee , shaving bar (volcanic ash), oatmeal, tea tree, Castile category’s .

Some males do like most scents, but there are some that find flowery scents too feminine.
For those types you can try unscented, a more masculine scent (i.e. patchouli or musk), or maybe a fruity scent (this is another category sometimes considered too feminine). If in doubt, go unscented.
The shape of the soap is really what can make it appealing to many males.
Choosing the shape of the soap varies based on your dad’s interests, but below are some ideas to help you
Aged X-Large Greek Olive Oil Soap

Olive Oil Soap

Olive Oil Soap

Two Piece Pure Goats Milk Soap Set Rose Shaped And Bar

Aged X-Large Oatmeal and Stout Soap

Suggested–Almond Soaps

Brazilian Oil Soap

Almond-Hazelnut Soap


Jasmine Lilac Scent

French Jasmine Soap

Lavender Jasmine Soap

Jasmine Lilac Soap

Jasmine Grandiflorum

Jasmine Lilac Gifts

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Florida Citrus -South Beach with a extra creamy bar of soap.

Get ready for summer with Citrus soap Naturalhandcraftedsoap

Citrus scent soaps

Florida Citrus Sunshine
South Africa Grapefruit
Natural Handcrafted Citrus soap feel fresh, clean and refreshed enriched with mango butter and citrus essential oils that will leave skin soft .
Best for: all skin types .
Shea Butter Soap
About the Benefits of Citrus Tangerine and Lemon Essential Oil in Soaps
Tangerine Orange oil has antibacterial and anti fungal properties,
Citrus essential oil is an ingredient commonly found in natural soap products to provide distinctive qualities and aroma to an everyday cleaning agent.
How it works: Lemon seed oil is high in anti-oxidants and Vitamin C and helps moisturize and soften the skin.
Aside from its scent, orange is also added to skin care products for its benefits to the skin. Unlike many oils, orange is beneficial for every type of skin.

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Natural Citrus Soap

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Natural Soaps . For a beautiful as clean, healthy glowing skin.

For a beautiful as clean, healthy glowing skin.
Good natural soap product is our weapon against germs and it matters that we make careful choice in what kind of soap products we offer to our families.

Citrus scent soaps

Florida Citrus Sunshine
South Africa Grapefruit
Some of us prefer bar soaps, others like liquid soaps .
Commercial soaps will leave a residue on your skin or will not rinse well, and you will not feel clean after washing.

Using natural handcrafted soap products will ensure that you are doing the best for your health and beauty. Natural handcrafted soap products made only of the natural, fully certified organic ingredients that are made from plants, fruits and herbs grown organically, without the use of dangerous herbicides and insecticides.

Natural handcrafted soap come to you as bars variety of choices and natural essential oils scent.

Dead Sea Mud with Cocoa Butter Excellent Face and Body Soap

Dead Sea Mud Soap will leave your face glowing without feeling tight.
Wonderful natural handmade soap

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