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All Natural Soaps

 Top Selected Products and Reviews:
“I am extremely delighted with this soap” – By V. (New York, USA)

"I am extremely delighted with this soap" February 6, 2018 Reviewer: V. from (New York, USA) Citrus Orange tang. Best homemade soap for dry skin. #1!

“I am extremely delighted with this soap” February 6, 2018 Reviewer: V. from (New York, USA) Citrus Orange tang. Best homemade soap for dry skin. #1!

The soap smells great and runs on smooth on the skin. It does not dry out the skin.


2. All Natural Lemongrass Soap

Wonderful for all skin types, especially oily skin. Locally grown organic lemongrass leaves are added to this refreshing soap.

“Wonderful” – By Debra (North Carolina)

NATURAL - Lemongrass soap .

NATURAL – Lemongrass soap . Our proprietary home recipe is handcrafted in small batche, No Alcohol, No Parabens, No Sulfates, No Soy, No GMO’s, Gluten-Free, No Phthalates, Not tested on animals

*Lemongrass Soap Helps improve the skin by reducing acne and pimples. It helps tone the muscle and tissues , Shop this natural lemongrass bar here .

Ingredients Olive Oil , Coconut Oil (Organic), Avocado Oil, Palm Oil (Sustainable),Cocoa Butter , Dry Lemongrass Herb , Lemongrass Oil .

3.Dead Sea Mud Soap Bar 100% Organic & Natural.

Dead Sea Mud Soap Bar 100% Organic & Natural.

Dead Sea Mud Soap Bar 100% Organic & Natural.

All NATURAL GREAT SOAP! MY SKIN IS TOTALLY CLEAR NOW! Great soap! I love the way it smells, lathers, feels on my skin, love.love.love 

Kay from (San Francisco, CA, US) Natural Handcrafted Soap 

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13 Handmade Soaps Only People With Sensitive Skin Will Understand

Natural Handcrafted Soap  Sensitive Skin – Free of chemicals, preservatives.

Sensitive Skin: People with sensitive skin have trouble with irritation from many products. Often, the irritation arises from fragrance or harsh detergents in the commercial soap. A favorite recommendation from dermatologists everywhere is Natural Soap for Sensitive Skin. Like Milk , Castile and Olive Oil Soaps . It is unscented and has mild cleansing ingredients that gently clean the skin without excessive irritation. It’s always a good idea to follow NATURAL HANDCRAFTED SOAP COMPANY.

Artisan Unscented Soap Sea Kelp Varech , Butter and Goat’s Milk , Large Greek Olive oil
A  wonderful, naturally produced product that has so many benefits due to the minerals and nutrients it contains.

Goat’s Milk Soap –
Farm Fresh Goats Milk Soap Bar – Natural Artisan Handmade
Nothing but the oils blended with farm fresh goat’s milk, making it even more gentle and mild.

Goat's Milk Soap Gently for Adults and Kids

You can get that soap from  NATURAL HANDCRAFTED SOAP COMPANY

Greek Olive Oil and Castile  Handmade Soap


Goat’s Milk Blossom Honey Organic Soap Natural Antioxidant
HERE TO BUY – Goat’s Milk Soap with LOTS of Golden Blossom Honey ,that complements the moisturizing qualities. Only The Finest local honey straight from the hive , unrefined Used

Goat's milk Honey blossom luxury soap

Goat’s milk Honey blossom luxury soap

Goat’s and Organic Coconut Milk – Body and Face Soap – GET GOAT’S COCONUT NOW HERE !


Castile Olive- Palm soap ,classic soap from olive and palm kernel oils . WANT THIS BUY HERE 


Handmade- Oatmeal Soap – Sensitive Skin
Our Oatmeal bath soap is great for all skin types. Recommended for sensitive skin ,one of our top selling soap. BUY HERE THIS SOAP 

Oatmeal-healthy oatmeal soap.

Healthy oatmeal soap.

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If You Love Tangerines…

Handmade Soap Florida-Citrus Sunshine with Orange Lime and Tangerine

Our citrus essential oil smells like a fresh sliced lemon, orange and tangerines and Persian lime.


Florida Citrus Sunshine – Tangerine – Orange – Lemon – Lime – BUY FROM AMAZON.COM


This Citrus Blend of essential oils are natural antioxidants tone tissues,balancing and detoxifying skin.

Florida Citrus Soap , feels like your bathing on the shores of South beach with a extra creamy bar of soap. Close your eyes and feel like your walking through a tangerine groove BUY HERE NATURAL HANDCRAFTED SOAP

100% NATURAL citrus essential oils , and absolutely, positively Free of Parabens Free of Ethyl Alcohol Free of Phenoxyethanol Free of DEA No Animal Testing. So be sure to enjoy Citrus soap with Tangerines when they’re in season, from November through April.

Handmade two soaps one at time,,,

Tangerines Tangerines if you  love tangerines… GET MORE HERE

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Hand Crafted Bar especially for the delicate skin on your face

Natural handcrafted soap are formulated to deliver the very best in skin care while using olive oil base and only safe truly natural ingredients.


Greek Olive Oil Soap -Make a Good soap for  delicate skin on your face  GET THIS olive oil  SOAP HERE 

Castile soap for your face -The origins of Castile Soap can be traced back to The Levant

Where Aleppo Soap Makers Have Been Making Olive and Laurel Oil Based Soaps

Natural Handcrafted Castile Soap is quite simply the same purest, mildest soap made with Olive oil from Castile Old- fashioned style from Aleppo




Natural Facial Soap -Steps to follow religiously in order to keep facial skin smooth and glowing

Wash your face thoroughly, morning and night, with a gentle natural handcrafted soap –
-Choose-Right-Soap -for Your-Skin-Type Citrusy-Floral -Herbal-milk?

Citrus Soap – for skin so soft, smooth FIND YOURS HERE 


Handcrafted GOAT’S milk and Buttermilk soaps will leave your skin feeling fantastic and looking its best.

Goat’s and Buttermilk – this soap is good to wash your face twice or more times a day .. also from NATURAL HANDCRAFTED SOAP COMPANY FIND US HERE 


Amazon- natural handcrafted soap company store front 

Ebay-  Volusion , Google ..Yahoo .. and more ,,,



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