Natural Bar Soap

Shopping for Natural handcrafted soaps for the Holidays?

Natural ingredients make our soaps  cleansers safe for your skin-care daily routine. No harsh chemicals – no alcohol,  no animal tested products, no fake coloring, no synthetic fragrances, no detergents, no surfactants, no parabens from these soaps. Amazing natural ingredients go into every bar of our natural soaps.

Florida Citrus Sunshine  All Natural Handmade Bar Soap


Handmade Olive Oil Soap-The classic Cretan Greek -olive oil soap

Natural-Olive - Olive Oil Soap
Natural-Olive – Olive Oil Soap

Our luxurious coffee natural bar soap’s divinely soft and creamy lather bathes your skin in moisture with its amazing natural aroma.

Limited Edition Coffee Soaps - Luxury Natural Soaps
Limited Edition Coffee Soaps – Luxury Natural Soaps