Happy International Women’s Day with a Scent of a Royal Soaps

Shop The Scents Favored By Royals – Jasmine- lavender – lilacs and roses for a women in your life.

French Jasmine Soap Bar with Crushed Flowers and Rose Oil

This particular Soap Jasmine “Grand” absolute (also known as “Royal” Jasmine) is one of the nicest we’ve ever had the opportunity to enjoy. Jasmine Grandiflorum flowers grown in India – also known as ‘Royal’ Jasmine.

Royal Jasmine and Lilac Flowers !

Happy International Women’s Day …

From Provence France, our jasmine , lilac soap is made according to hundred year old tradition. French Soap Jasmine Lilac with Organic Shea Butter Soap Handmade All Natural

Lavender Jasmine Grandiflorum Sea and Rose Clay Soap Handmade Artisan

Royal Jasmine With Moroccan – Red Clay-Rose and Coconut Milk Natural Handcrafted Soap

Jasmine scents it is simply intoxicating , with the addition of Moroccan red clay, Himalaya Pink Salt and organic coconut milk , it makes this soap an excellent moisturizing and cleansing facial soap for all skin type Himalayan Salts are exotic, beautiful, and a wonderful addition to any bathing experience. Himalayan salts are found deep within the rivers and valleys of the Himalayan Mountains Jasmine With Moroccan – Red Clay and Coconut Milk Soap

Provence French Lavender with Crushed Rose Petals Soap All Natural

Provence of France Lavender Soap amazing scent feels like the French Country side.
Rich lather, bits of lavender flowers and rose petals with the relaxing scent of lavender in this beautiful soap
The lavender oil used in our soap is imported from the Province of France ,wild lavender’s original home. Every skin type benefits from lavender oil, but it is particularly good for dry skin. Provence French Lavender with Crushed Rose Petals Soap All Natural

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Coffee Scrub Brazilian Soap

Body and Bath Coffee Soap -Brazilian Coffee Scrub Usually Ships at same day

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12 Piece Artisan All Natural

Natural Soap Gift Set Skin Care Benefits Bar Soaps – Handmade Natural Artisan

Florida Citrus Sunshine Soap

Citrus Soap Aged Florida Natural Bar Handmade  in stock!

Brazilian Espresso Coffee Soap

Brazilian Coffee Soap Espresso Scrub Bar – Natural Artisan Handmade Ships Same Day on Orders Placed Before 11AM Est.

Gift Handmade Soap -Men or Women’s Eleven Bars – Natural Gift Set -Soaps for Everyone .

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Castile Soap and Greek Olive Oil Soap

Castile Olive- Palm Soap Artisan Natural Bar
Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil Soap -Mediterranean Sea Salt – Aged Limited Olive Oil Soap

Holidays Gift French Lavender Rose with Icelandic Sea Kelp 1 Pound Bar

North Carolina – This Handmade gift basket soap Googles more frequently from Amazon.Handmade

Volcanic Ash Soap All Natural Artisan- With Cocoa Butter and Patchouli Natural Bar

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Soap and Water

Why soap and water works?

It’s not fancy, but soap and water work. The soap removes the viral particles that have attached themselves to surfaces — whether it’s your hands, face or countertops — and suspends them in the water, so they can be washed away. NATURAL HANDCRAFTED SOAP

A drop of ordinary soap diluted in water is sufficient to rupture and kill many types of bacteria and viruses, including the new coronavirus

Did you wash your hands? Did you use soap? 

Citrus Natural Handmade Soap
Get clean daily the natural way with citrus handmade soaps
Wonderful Citrus Soaps Made With The Best Citrus Oils Available
Read more information on unique varieties of citrus soap that may just reinvent your morning shower. Regular use of Natural Artisan Soap from citrus essential oils , helps protect the skin from sun damage and lightens age spots.

Antibacterial soap is No better then regular soap .

Antibacterial soaps have added ingredients like triclosan or triclocarban, which are hydrophobic molecules that can penetrate bacterial cell membranes and kill the bacteria. Sounds impressive, but studies have shown that antibacterial soaps are no more effective than regular soaps at removing  bacteria. And Natural Handcrafted Soaps is free of triclosan or triclocarban and chemicals .

Greek Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil Soap Aged Natural Olive Oil Soap

While your regular shower gel or soap may have an amazing fragrance, an irresistible creamy consistency and produce lots of foam, it’s also full of chemicals and usually made with cheap oils that provide little or no benefits to your skin. Our soap is a natural hard soap made using an old traditional method and obviously no colorants, preservatives or cheap fillers. During the aging process, any alkaline content that didn’t react during saponification slowly breaks down in contact with air and water content gradually decreases, making the soap bars harder, less scent and much healthier for the skin as all the oils concentrate, it transforms into a wonderful healthy face and body soap. All our soap bars can be used by anyone looking for a natural, chemical-free soap, but it can also help in a variety of skin problems

Coffee is what all the buzz is about! Caffeinated soap is a great way to get a boost in the morning when
there is no time for morning coffee. It also anti-wrinkle. Brazilian 
coffee grinds absorb garlic and onion and fish smell off your fingers, we recommended this soap as a hand and body soap. In other words, coffee isn’t just for drinking anymore.

What is soap?

Soap is a mixture of fat or oil, water, and an alkali, or basic salt. 

The ancient Babylonians are credited with being the first people to make soap. Their recipe for animal fats, wood ash and water has been found carved into clay containers dating back to 2800 B.C., They likely used the concoction for washing wool and cotton so the materials could be woven into cloth and not so much for cleaning their bodies.  

The ancient Egyptians developed a similar recipe for soap, which they used for treating sores, skin diseases and personal washing. The Romans also made soap, but it wasn’t until the later centuries of the Roman era that soap was used for personal hygiene; prior to that, soap was a physician’s tool for treating diseases. 

The basic recipe for soap hasn’t changed for thousands of years. It’s still a combination of fat or oils with an alkali — basic ionic salt — and water. When those ingredients combine in the proper proportions, they go through a chemical process called saponification, which results in soap. Today, there are two techniques that people use to make soap: the cold process and the hot process. 

In the cold process, a room-temperature lye solution (sodium hydroxide in water) is mixed with animal or vegetable oil. As the ingredients react with one another, the mixture thickens and heats up. Before it gets too thick, the mixture is poured into a mold where it solidifies, and the saponification process is complete. The last step is to let the soap sit, or cure for a few weeks, which allows excess water in the mixture to evaporate. This makes a harder soap. By Kimberly Hickok – Reference Editor

Why All Natural Handcrafted Soap?

Why you may ask, should I buy handmade soap when I can get more soap for less money at the grocery store?
     Generally, the commercial soaps carried at most chain stores, etc. are full of chemical additives, additives that not only dry out your skin but can lead to rashes and other irritations.This is not only because of the synthetic additives in the soap but also because most soap companies take the glycerin out of their soap.

hand stirring  the  soap

 The commercial soap bars that line most grocery stores’ shelves are actually synthetic detergents. While that’s great for your dishes, it’s not very good for your skin.

     Handmade Soap is soap in its true, pure form. It gently cleanses away excess oils and bacteria, but doesn’t strip your skin of its natural oils.
IF the commercial soap company does put in some natural ingredients along with its synthetic ones, they do so in such small quantities as for it to be inconspicuous in the soap. Its main purpose is to catch the eye of the consumer and give them the illusion that this soap is more natural. f you read the ingredient labels though, the soap is still primarily made with synthetic ingredients.handmade soap ..

     Using commercial soaps over time leave your skin dried out, or way to oily ,and feeling like its never clean. Natural handmade soap, that only uses natural ingredients, can restore the moisture to your skin, while still getting you clean. You will be amazed at the difference!
  Handmade soap is a cleanser made with simple ingredients that are good for your skin. In the handcrafted soap making process, oils and fats are combined with lye to produce soap and glycerin. Some people may question the use of lye in handmade soap. The fact is that all soap is made with lye. What needs to be made clear is that once the process of saponification is complete, the lye and oil molecules have combined and chemically changed into soap and glycerin.

All bar soaps are made with lye, however, when made correctly, there is NO LYE remaining in the final bar of soap. Whether your soap is manufactured byarge corporations, or smaller handcrafted soap makers, the above rings true, regardless.

pouring the oils after trace

  Lye must be used to make the soap, but there should never be any remaining lye in the final bar to hurt the skin. Saponification is the chemical reaction created by combining these oils or fats with lye and water.

   Soap is made by adding water, oil and butters together, along with something to form them into soap (an alkali). That ingredient is Sodium Hydroxide which is lye. For liquid soaps, it is Potassium Hydroxide. The chemical reaction is called saponification. The soap maker must calculate the correct amount of lye for the specific oils used in each recipe. If too much lye is used, the bar may be hard and crumbly. If too little, the bar becomes soft and will become rancid faster, due to the natural oils & butters that are used in handmade soap.
   Saponification is a chemical reaction that takes place when oil is mixed with an alkali solution, such as sodium hydroxide (lye), water & oils or butters. In other words, the oil and lye combine to make soap. When the proper amounts are used at the proper temperatures, all of the lye and oil are consumed by the reaction and only the soap remains

organic oils olive palm coconut

  Generally, slightly more oil is used resulting in a soap that is more moisturizing for the skin and ensuring that all of the lye is used up in the curing process.
    The resulting reaction creates soap and glycerin. Soap cleanses the skin while glycerin moisturizes it. Many of our handmade soaps also contain butters and other oils to increase the moisturizing effect of the soap and herbs and other natural items for an exfoliant.
     Glycerin is naturally produced during the soap making process. In fact, pound for pound, glycerin costs more than soap, which is why most soap companies remove the glycerin from the soap and sell it to manufacturers of lotion. We do not remove the glycerin from our handcrafted soap, so when you purchase soap made by us, it contains all of the naturally occurring glycerin. 

all natural organic soaps

 With our handcrafted soap you get a fabulous cleanser and a moisturizer all in one, which was created for top moisturizing ability.

Google Handwashing Coronavirus Update

Soap And Water 101: Why It’s Best For COVID-19 Coronavirus …www.forbes.com › sites › ninashapiro › 2020/03/15 › s…

Mar 15, 2020 – Washing with soap and water is not a new phenomenon that became a recommended latest and greatest practice just weeks ago.
Which Is Best Hand Sanitizer or Soap and Water – Eatright.orgwww.eatright.org › homefoodsafety › four-steps › wash

Apr 27, 2020 – But how effective is hand sanitizer compared to washing your hands with soap and water? According to the Centers for Disease Control and …
How It Works: Washing Hands with Soap and Water …www.health.state.mn.us › people › handhygiene › wash

The soap suspends the dirt and soils. The friction motion helps pull dirt and greasy or oily soils free from the skin. Warm running water washes away suspended …

The world’s most diverse trees and plant-life gives our products a variety of  beautifying benefits and earthy, scents. Hailing from Brazil, the country with the richest biodiversity on earth, to Greek olive oil tree, Australian tea tree the natural alternatives that humanity has relied on for hundreds and even thousands of years.

Soap Review

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19 Best Natural Handwashing Soap Bar For COVID-19

  1. Online shopping for Hand Wash Soap Bar  from a great selection at Natural Handcrafted Soap Company – Etsy – Amazon and Ebay! Good, old-fashioned soap and water is still the best defense we have against the coronavirus.
his blend of Florida’s tangerines, Valencia oranges and lemon – lime  essential  oils most noted for their delicious juices are the ultimate cure to ease the strains and stresses of the day. Our citrus essential oil smells like a fresh sliced lemon, orange and tangerines. 

Grandmas All Natural Soap


Peppermint Natural Soap with Sea Clay

The tingly scents of peppermint essential oil will lift your spirits every morning.
Peppermint Oil Soap.
This refreshing, reviving, fragrant oil is derived from the Pacific Northwest region from the peppermint plant. 
Hand-wash Peppermint Soap

3. Dead Sea Mud Soap Black Mud From Israel With Anise and Bay Laurel Oils – Handcrafted Artisan Soap Face And Body

Handmade Natural Israel Dead Sea Mud Soap Anise and Bay Laurel – Black Natural Minerals Mud Soap from Dead Sea for Oily or Acne Pron Skin
Israel Dead Sea mud is able to help with so many various ailments or to simply keep you skin looking young and healthy for a long time.
Find on ETSY

4. Hawaiian Kona Coffee 100% Natural Handcrafted Soap Bar

. Exfoliation in this kona coffee soap removes the dead skin cells on the surface of our skin to reveal the newer skin underneath.
Fight acne, eczema and psoriasis – The natural oil in coffee contains enzymes that detoxify, cleanse and help unclog pores, making it ideal for treating acne, eczema

Minty Wolf Dec 2, 2019
5 out of 5 stars    
Great service! It came quick and packaged very well!
Purchased item:

Hawaiian Kona Coffee 100% Natural Handcrafted Soap Bar

stephanie marcath Nov 23, 2019
5 out of 5 stars    
Purchased item:

Hawaiian Kona Coffee 100% Natural Handcrafted Soap Bar

5. Natural 100% Dead Sea Mud Handcrafted Soap With Dead Sea Salt (Unscented) Natural Handmade Bar

mystictraveler68 Oct 24, 2019
5 out of 5 stars    
I love this soap! Keeps the skin in great condition and isn’t harsh on the skin. I’m going to order another bar and then another. Shipping was lightning quick, hats off to the seller.
Purchased item:

100% Natural Dead Sea Mud Handcrafted Soap With Dead Sea Salt (Unscented) Natural Handmade Bar

6. Artisan Greek”Olive Oil” Soap For Combination, Oily and Acne Skin Soap with Mediterranean Sea Salt 7.5 Oz Bar Natural Soap Hand -wash !


5.0 out of 5 stars Will buy again
Reviewed in the United States on January 19, 2019Verified Purchase
The soap is fantastic super smooth

More By Natural Handcrafted Soap Company Amazon Handmade

7. Greek”Olive Oil Soap” Bar 7 + Oz. Natural Artisan (Face and Body) Olive Oil Soap Unscented Handmade !

Greek”Olive Oil Soap” Bar 7 + Oz. Natural Artisan…

8. Jasmine Lilac French Soap with Organic Shea Butter Soap Handmade All Natural Handmade 7 oz !

Jasmine Lilac French Soap with Organic Shea Butter…

9. Brazilian Copaiba Soap with Acai Berry Butter and Coconut Milk Soap 7 oz. Handmade!

Brazilian Copaiba Soap with Acai Berry Butter and…

10. Beer Soap Oatmeal and Stout Beer Soap Bar with Guinness Extra Stout 7 Oz Bar All Natural Handmade !

Beer Soap Oatmeal and Stout Beer Soap Bar with Guinness…

T. Washington

5.0 out of 5 stars It’s worth it & I would buy again
Reviewed in the United States on March 14, 2019Verified Purchase
I’ve never used a beer soap but have heard a lot of great things about them. This soap has a great smell, I know it’s a so called “man soap” but as a female, I bought it for myself & I loved it. I could do without the oatmeal on top but other than that, the lather, smell & moisturizing/conditioning properties are great. I would buy again even at $13/bar, the tlc from this seller/maker is superior, noticed & appreciated.

11.(Customer Picture hand washing ) send this picture from a sample soap . Bars size start at 7 ounce to a 1 plus pound , this size is a sample size .

Lots .. Lots .. of Cream lather in this soap no foam

12. Natural Handcrafted Soap Company offers slightly larger bars with a longer aged / curing process..
We offer a few different Specialty Soaps from our rare collection of natural handmade soaps and a few rare ingredients from the Amazon Rain Forest.

2 Great Soaps Made with Organic Olive Oils
Greek Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil Soap Aged Natural Olive Oil Soap
Our Price:

Handmade Natural Aged 2 Year Palm Sustainable Olive Soap Unscented 11 oz.

13. We Offer Funny Wrappers Great For Gifts in this time of COVID-19

Beer Soap with Stout and Oatmeal made with Guinness Extra Stout Natural
14. Goat’s Milk Soap with Honey Blossom and Oatmeal -9 oz – All Natural Soap
15. .Provence French Lavender with Crushed Rose Petals Soap All Natural
16. Lavender Jasmine Grandiflorum Sea and Rose Clay Soap Handmade Artisan
17. Hawaiian Kona Coffee Natural Handcrafted Soap Bar

More Gifts from Grandmas Natural Soap on Ebay!

18. All Natural Lemongrass Handmade Soap Bar  7 oz

“Lemongrass Soap” Helps improve the skin by reducing acne and pimples. It helps tone the muscle and tissues Benefits Of Lemongrass Soap For Your Skin lemongrass soap –
 1. Sanitizer- It is one of the best natural hand sanitizers that work effectively by killing the bacteria present on the hand and makes you safe from germs
2. Treat Pimples:-The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties prevent the bacteria and also promote the formation of new cells that heal the spots caused by pimples thereby providing a flawless and even skin
.3. Exfoliates Skin:- lemongrass improves the texture of the skin by removing the dead cells thereby preventing the formation of blackheads, and whiteheads. It also helps in opening the clogged pores.
4. Toner: -lemongrass hat helps in toning the muscles and tissues thereby providing a clear skin.
 5. Deodorant:-Lemongrass soap acts as a natural deodorant and prevents the odor from the body

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Gag Gift  Laven...

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