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5 Handmade Bar Soap That Will Make You Clean From Oily Skin.

Volcanic ash is high in Sulphur, an active Mineral ingredient which not only helps the body to resist bacteria but actually destroy it. Sulfur in Volcanic Ash is a proven, safe, age-old remedy used for centuries in treating a wide variety of skin irritations , oily skin and skin infections.

Volcanic ash soap

Cleopatra made Volcanic Ash Clay a part of her daily beauty regimen. Today, Volcanic Ash Clay is the best kept secret  READ MORE ABOUT  THIS SOAP HERE 

Peppermint oil is used for skin care, our handcrafted Artisan soaps with the addition of pure Peppermint essential oil which blends well with other essential oils and is used in massages, steam bath, and mud packs. Peppermint oil is antiseptic in nature, and when massaged on the scalp, it helps to remove dandruff and lice in addition to its usual cooling effect. When applied on the skin, peppermint oil keeps pimples at bay and keeps the skin healthy and blemish-free. Peppermint oil contains menthol which is good for your skin, and has a cooling effect. It is most commonly used in natural soap. BUY THIS SOAP HERE 

Peppermint large Bar Limited Edition

Peppermint Soap

There are countless benefits of rose geranium essential oil for skin care . It is considered to be a good oil for your overall skin care INCLUDE oily skin.


Artisan Unscented Soap Sea Kelp Varech

Does your oily skin seek help? We say, Sea Kelp! Kelp is a wonderful for oily skin , naturally produced product that has so many benefits due to the minerals and nutrients it contains.

Sea Kelp

Sea Kelp and Clay –  LIKE THIS BAR? FIND HERE 

Handmade- Oatmeal Soap – Sensitive oily Skin

Our Oatmeal bath soap is great for all skin types. Recommended for sensitive and oily skin one of our top selling soap. find all at NATURAL HANDCRAFTED SOAP COMPANY

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How to Pick the Right Natural Skin Care Soaps for your skin type

Skin Type and Skin Care Products —-Most products intended for dry, normal, oily, or combination skin refer specifically to facial skin unless the product’s packaging mentions otherwise. Someone with an oily complexion above the neck could have dry skin on the legs and feet. Look for the skin care product that matches the skin type of the area it is meant to cleanse, tone, or moisturize.

Handmade Gift Soap Natural Skin Care

Handmade Gift Soap Natural Skin Care

Natural Soap for Normal Skin -Natural soap smooth for normal skin , that looks clear and feels supple . Normal skin produces enough natural oil to have a dewy look a few hours after washing. People with normal skin should choose products designed to keep their skin in this state of glowing good health.

Olive oil Soap for Normal Skin Care -A radiant complexion

Olive oil Soap for Normal Skin Care -A radiant complexion

Natural Soap for Dry Skin
When the skin does not produce enough natural oil or lacks sufficient water content, it becomes dry. Dry skin feels taut and itchy; it may have rough patches where it has become dry enough to flake. Goat’s Milk Soap – Buttermilk Soap – Olive Oil Soap – Castile Soaps.

Goat's milk soap - coconut milk for all kin type help treat also people with the driest skin types

Goat’s milk soap – coconut milk for all kin type help treat also people with the driest skin types

Natural Soap for Oily Skin
Excessive oiliness contributes to acne by clogging the pores and giving acne-causing bacteria a place to thrive. However, skin needs a certain amount of oil to stay healthy, so  Dead Sea Mud Soaps and Volcanic Ash soap are designed for oily complexions must reduce oil without stripping it away completely.

Dead Sea Mud

Dead Sea Mud with Cocoa Butter-Black Natural Minerals Soap from Dead Sea with Anise for Oily or Acne

Natural Soap for Combination Skin
This common skin type is oily in some areas and dry in others. The forehead, nose, and chin tend to produce more oil. This area, the T-zone, may need special care for oily skin while the cheeks require extra moisturizer for dryness. Coffee Soaps normalize the skin by adding moisture without clogging pores can be beneficial for combination skin.

Brazilian Espresso Coffee Soap from Natural handcrafted Soap

Brazilian Espresso Coffee Soap from Natural handcrafted Soap

Shopping for more Skin Care Products on Natural Handcrafted Soap Company,
that may improve skin’s tone and texture.

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Oily Skin (Soaps:)

Monday, December 02, 2013

Today we going to talk about Oily skin

“Oily skin can be easily recognized, usually just by looking at or feeling the skin.The skin looks greasy, dewy or shiny and feels this way as well. Oily skin is caused by an overactive sebaceous (oil) gland, producing more oil than a normal oil gland does. Many times oily skin is accompanied by congestion of the skin such as acne breakouts, blackheads or whiteheads, and is generally treated with the wrong products and ingredients.

A common misconception is to dry an oily skin out as much as possible; however this type of treatment only causes the skin to produce more oil to compensate for its moisture loss. With the right soap, oily skin can be controlled and congestion can be eliminated.”

Natural handcrafted soap recommend this soaps for Oily Skin

Guide Part #1:

Brazilian Espresso Coffee Scrub Soap with Coffee Butter and Hazelnut, Citrus Oils, Hint Of Vanilla


Mixed in with a rich scent of Brazilian espresso coffee , coffee butter and Brazilian almond oil.

Australian Tea Tree with Cocoa Butter Face and Body Soap


This soap is loaded with wonderful oils and is great for oily skin type.

Handmade All Natural Dead Sea Mud Soap With Dead Sea Salt (Unscented)


BRAND NEW Our all natural handcrafted mud soap removes dirt and cleanses your skin, while simultaneously infusing it with minerals essential to keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized.

Guide Part #2: Gifts Basket


For all skin type Oily < Normal < Mix

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Handmade Soap for Your Skin Type

Whatever our skin type may be, many of us fail always to choose a right soap for our skin, while we concentrate in other beauty cosmetics and remedies.

Natural Handcrafted Soap - Gift for the Holidays

Handmade soaps


Suggested Natural Brazilian Soaps

Rain Forest Soap
Copaiba Coconut Milk
Brazilian Oil Soap

The bath soaps play and important role in skincare as it’s the main skincare cosmetic which is used by all people. Everyone bath daily, so it’s important to choose a right soap for your skin type to maintain a good skin health, as well as beauty. If you have dry flaky skin, you should go for a moisturizing soap and if your skin is oily, you should choose an oil control soap. I’ll give some ideas for oily and dry skinned people about selecting your soap and face washes in summers and winters. Just an hint, you may or may not know, our skin loses excess moisture in winters so we should choose a soap which is rich and creamy to prevent dryness and peeling of skin.


Lemongrass soap

Oily Skin: How your soap should be?
The soap you choose should not be creamy because oily skin needs one which controls oil secretion for long hours. Choose a herbal soap to prevent excess oil secretion.

Citrus scent soaps

Florida Citrus Sunshine
South Africa Grapefruit


Castile Soap

My Favorite Summer Face soap
If you would like to use an oil control face soap, I strongly recommend Castile Palm Coconut for oily and normal to oily skins in summers as it controls oil secretion and cleanses and prevents bacterial infection and acne.

Castile Palm Cococnut
Castile Olive Cococnut
Castile Palm Olive

MOre Soaps



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Handmade Soap – for Oily Skin

Oily skin is a cause of embarrassment for many, as the skin look dull and greasy.
This is due to the overactive sebaceous glands in the skin which produce oil in excess, and this oil is released to the surface of the skin, making it greasy and shiny. In some cases of extremely oily skin, the skin may become coarse with pimples, blackheads and blemishes. This condition results in coarse skin as the pores get enlarged. Oily skin can be due to various reasons like hormonal shifts, heredity, diet, climate, menstruation, pregnancy, birth control pills and cosmetics. The changes in hormone levels during various stages like adolescence, pregnancy and menopause can trigger this skin condition. This makes teenagers more vulnerable to have oily skin with acne and blackheads. Hot weather with high humidity levels is another reason for the skin becoming oily. Oily skin can also be caused by the use of some cosmetics or birth control pills. This is a condition which can affect both sexes. In men, this is mainly due to the fluctuating levels of the hormone androgen.Image
Citrus scent soapsFlorida Citrus Sunshine
South Africa Grapefruit

Natural Oily Skin RemediesSome people prefer natural remedies for oily skin rather than the commercial beauty products.Such remedies are more sought after by people whose skin is oily and at the same time sensitive too. In such cases, artificial products may lead to skin problems, which can be avoided by using some natural remedies. Natural products include many household items which are easily available. You can also try these home remedies for Oily skin –Mix equal amounts of apple juice and lime juice. Apply this mixture on the skin and rinse off after 15 to 20 minutes with cold water.
Clay masks are always recommended for those with oily skin. Take a teaspoon of green clay powder in a bowl and add one teaspoon of honey. Mix them well to make a smooth paste, which has to be applied on the face. Rinse off the mask with cold water after 20 minutes. Another effective clay mask can be made by mixing ‘multani mitti’ and honey. Clay masks can be used twice a week for good results.
Clays soap
Make a solution of equal parts of water and lemon juice, and apply it on the face. Use warm water to rinse off the solution and then wash the face with cold water. This can be done once or twice a day.
Aloe vera gel is touted to be good for oily skin conditions, as it can absorb oil and thereby prevent clogging of pores. You can dab a small amount of aloe vera gel to your skin after washing. You can also mix the aloe vera gel with equal amounts of organic yogurt and crushed strawberries to make a paste, which should be applied on the skin. Gently massage the mixture into the skin and leave it for ten minutes, before rinsing with warm water.
You may use tomatoes as an oily skin home remedy. Make some tomato puree and apply it on the face. Rinse off after ten minutes.
Yogurt is also popular as a natural remedy. Use it as such or mix it with fuller’s earth to make a paste to be applied on the skin.
Mashed papaya is also good for oily skin. Apply it on the skin and rinse off after 20 minutes.

Oily Skin: To help remove oil without overly stripping the skin, one of my favorites is Rainforest Coapiba and Sea kelp The key ingredient here is Copaiba oil  at n1 picture and Sea Kelp n2 picture ,which has superior rinsing qualities. It cuts through the oil and rinses completely.

Artisan Handmade Bar Soap -  Handcrafted Healthy All Natural Skin Care Soap With Oils From Brazil 

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