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2016 holiday gift guide

Natural Handcrafted Soap Gifts for the home are especially fitting during the holidays, for all family and friends. This selection of handmade soaps  offer  a little extra joy throughout the year.





Beer Soap Oatmeal and Stout Beer Soap Bar with Guinness Extra Stout Beer All Natural

Handcrafted Soap Gift Basket –

Assorted Soaps Five Piece All Natural Artisan ..

Variety of Bars And Scents Handmade !

Making a lasting impression at the next special occasion with this soaps

Gift basket with natural organic soaps for her – 5 soaps BUY FROM EBAY      AMAZON     NATURAL HANDCRAFTED SOAP

Looking for gift ideas for women and men on your list, you’ll easily be able to navigate through a wide selection of top natural handcrafted soaps holiday gift ideas .



Handmade holidays soap guide

Amazon.com : Five Piece All Natural Holiday Handmade Soap Gift …


SOAP GIFT SET; All natural bars lathers great and is gentle on your skin. Our handcrafted handmade beauty soap is made in small batches using a cold process …

Handcrafted All Natural Artisan Soap -Collection Natural Soap Gift …

Rating: 5 – ‎26 reviews

All natural handcrafted,handmade gift basket soap. … Holidays Gift Ideas -Whether freshly scented or simply luxurious, these bath soap ideas make lovely gifts for anyone. … Soap Gift Basket (Five Piece Set ) Artisan Collection Handmade …


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6 soaps for keep your skin looking young and healthy for a long time.

Goat’s milk soap will moisturize your skin even on the coldest of days.

Goats milk contains over 50 nutrients. Vitamins such as A, Bs, C and E along with minerals, amino and other fatty acids help to rejuvenate and heal skin cells. Along with Zinc, triglycerides help to slow the affects of aging. Because goats milk is naturally homogenized and PH balanced, it is more easily absorbed into your skin.

Goat's milk soap for every day use

Goat’s milk soap for every day use

This 3 bars is a simple classic from ARTISAN NATURAL SOAPS , but it gets the job done. After a morning or evening wash,
your face will instantly feel fresher and softer and it is our best seller in Australia.

Castile Olive Organic Coconut  , Greek Olive Oil Soap ,Lemongrass Soap.


3 Best Seller Soaps in Australia !

No matter your skin type, this gentle bar soap is perfect body soap or everyday use. Plus, it lasts for a long time.

Picture 1540

More soaps for Everyday use  Shipping: This item is also available for shipping to countries outside the U.S.
( Anytime, Any Day, Anywhere) .

found more here

All Natural Artisan French Lavender Jasmine Grandiflorum Sea and Rose Clay Bar Soap Handmade Artisan Dead Sea Soap Black Mud With from Israel  Anise and Bay Laurel All Natural  Skin Care Soap

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Is Today Your Birthday? Then This Beer Soap is For You !

Happy Birthday! The good news are , You don’t have to be 21 years old to order this Beer Soap .  

Beer day card

Beer day card

Beer helps to flush out toxins from your skin. Once the toxins leave your skin, you can see a natural glow on your face.

Guinness Beer Soap

Guinness Beer Soap

Beer  makes skin soft ., Beer softens your skin from within. When your skin is able to breathe and has enough moisture in it, it becomes soft and supple. The Vitamin B present in beer helps it soften the skin. Beer Fights Acne Beer has some anti-bacterial properties that helps fight off acne. So, add beer to your face packs and get a clear acne-free skin. Ground hops and barley added.

What can I say,, This is a new addition to our family of soaps and it is just wonderful, Beer ( we use Guinness extra stout) is full of great natural ingredients so NATURALLY , it makes a wonderful creamy, conditioning, lathery and moisturizing soap.

** DO NOT attempt to eat or drink this soap!

** DO NOT attempt to eat or drink this soap!

The finest quality, natural ingredients. This means:

X. NO artificial , preservatives .

X. NO artificial colors . ”
Beer soaps
Suggested Oatmeal Soaps
Oatmeal -Shea Butter Soap
Oatmeal – Stout
Oatmeal – Mango Butter Soap

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