Valentine’s Day Handmade Soaps -Get ready to smell as sweet as a dozen roses.

1.When it comes to Aged Large Bars of Handmade Soaps jasmine coconut  – rose , bigger is always better .

Jasmine Coconut soap Valentines Day - Google  Valentines!
Jasmine Coconut soap Valentines Day – Google Valentines!


Limited Edition Jasmine Coconut Milk and Himalayan Pink Salt 15 oz. This particular Soap Jasmine “Grand” absolute (also known as “Royal” Jasmine ) is one of the nicest we’ve ever had the opportunity to enjoy. .Jasmine grandiflorum flowers grown in India – also known as ‘Royal’ Jasmine. This is an exceptionally fine example of the classic Jasmine aroma.

2. TWO times the size of a normal bath and body  soap + old fashioned bar for 2 people you and your’s Valentine’s 

Goat's Milk Blossom Honey Organic Soap Natural Antioxidant Goat's Milk Soap with LOTS of Golden Blossom Honey ,that complements the moisturizing qualities. Only The Finest local honey straight from the hive , unrefined Used
Goat’s Milk Blossom Honey Organic Soap Natural Antioxidant Goat’s Milk Soap with LOTS of   Honey ,that complements the moisturizing qualities. Only The Finest local honey straight from the hive , unrefined Used –HONEY FOR MY HONEY 


3.   Gently natural , milk , exfoliates and all + in a gift set !


Valentine’s day products from Natural Handcrafted Soap are here on Google and we need them all 

Natural Handcrafted Soap Company

Natural Soap Artisan Handmade Handcrafted – Natural Handmade Soap Bars.

Natural Soap Handmade Handcrafted Soap – Natural Artisan Large …

Welcome to Natural Handcrafted Soap Company All natural artisan handmade (skin care soaps).They are all crafted using natural herbs, spices & clays,we also use dead sea mud and volcanic ash right from the source for wonderful skin care . These completely natural Artisan soaps contain no artificial colors , all out Goats …

Natural Handcrafted Soap Company @

Online shopping from a great selection at Natural Handcrafted Soap Company Store.

Handmade soap – 22 or more ..bath and body shower handmade Soap

The 22 Perfect Gift for your loved one. Bring the spa home with the beautiful scent of Natural Handcrafted soap 11 gift set .

Skin Care Artisan Gift Set All Natural Soaps For Every Skin Type

Skin Care Artisan Gift Set All Natural Soaps For Every Skin Type  BUY HERE 

You can buy your sweetie a variety of handmade bath and body products…

Gift Natural Artisan Four Bar Gift Set Soaps -Gift -Natural Artisan Four Bar Gift Set Soaps

Handmade Gift Soap Natural Skin Care
Handmade Gift Soap Natural Skin Care

Four Bar Gift Set Soap .That is a great way to try different scent, stock up or share with your loved ones these amazing soaps are all “Natural” 7 to 8 oz each bar

8 piece soap set ING.:Olive Oil ,Coconut Oil , Avocado Oil , Palm Oil , Lavender Oil ,Egyptian Geranium , Rose Clay , Shea Butter , Crushed Flowers Anise Essential Oil , Jasmine Essential Oil , Lemongrass Oil , Grapefruit Essential Oil , Buttermilk , Coffee Butter and more ingredients … because the soaps are variety..

Each bar is wrapped and labeled individually, just like all our soaps….



Need a last minute Valentine’s Gift? Bring the spa home with the beautiful scent bath and a luxurious  coffee  and Castile soaps from natural handcrafted soap


Handmade soaps around the web

  1. 22 people die waiting everyday – This , YOU can help ! I have for 20 years .God bless .


How do you like your coffee?

Some like a lighter coffee soap bar . Some prefer dark.
The Natural handcrafted coffee soap  sorts our coffees soap  by three roast profiles.

Choose the  bar coffees with the flavor and intensity that’s perfect for you.
Because, after all, every sense of smell  is different.

Two of Natural Handcrafted Soap Company Coffees was selected from Brazil .
It is given an Espresso Roast to develop a strong, creamy, well-balanced and rich flavor.
Brazilian Coffee Luxury Scrub Soap


With it’s alluring and rich scent, creamy lather and outstanding exfoliation,
Brazilian Coffee Luxury Scrub Soap is sure to appeal to any coffee lover.

Palm kernel, coconut, olive, sesame, Brazilian hazelnut, vegetable,
avocado, Hawaiian kukui oils, coffee butter, and Brazilian espresso.

Brazilian Espresso Coffee Scrub Soap with Coffee Butter and a Hint of Vanilla


Other than preventing skin cancer and melanoma-related diseases, coffee has antioxidant ingredients that can help reduce the
occurrence of skin problems and diseases in general. Coffee gets rid of free radicals in the skin –
which reduces the onset of skin-related problems such as acne and eczema.
It further acts as an effective sun block and prevents sunburn and wrinkles. It also helps in treating redness and inflammation of the skin,
reduces the appearance of under-eye circles and also helps get rid of cellulite.
How do you like your coffee?
Popular Ideas
Posted on Monday -January  at 2:40 PM by Vegan
Please, natural handcrafted soap add Almond Milk on Coffee soap.
I would really like almond milk or coconut milk as an option.

Posted on Wednesday -January  at 3:49 PM by Enzo
3 shots of different blend in a espresso soap bar.

Posted on Friday – February  at  6:14 AM by Reza
How about + chocolate mocha scent?
I’ve had this Cafe au lait and Love  <3
but I like chocolate mocha scent idea. XX

Decaf coffee soap bar
Posted on 2/6/2014 11:34 AM by Aron
I would like to see more decaf coffee soaps options.
still love  natural soap bar but the caffeine just doesn’t agree with me.
I  like french roast and other dark roasts in decaf.
Peace …

Treat yourself. Winter is a difficult time; it’s perfectly reasonable to be feeling rubbish.
(I recommend a bath or shower with –Large Limited Edition ( Coffee Soap  by )
Love this 8 bar soap gift box include a coffee soap  for Valentine’s Day.


2 coffee soaps on male  gift of 12 soaps (for winter months).

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Twitter Coffee

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Cool coffee news on New York Times.
Mental Abilities: Caffeine Helps Women, but Not Men, Stay Sharp
Mental Abilities: Caffeine Helps Women, but Not Men, Stay Sharp

Caffeine consumption appears to have no effect on mental sharpness in older men, a new study suggests.

Happy Coffee Day!

Valentine’s Day Handcrafted Soaps

Happy Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day is Just Around the Corner ,
Valentine’s Day, or as it is more formally known, Saint Valentine’s Day!

Gift Handcrafted Artisan soap ideas for your valentine this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for a gift for your Valentine, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered up all our handcrafted soap  top picks for Valentine’s Day 2014, from men and women’ handmade soaps is the way to go combine with a chocolate box and flowers , soaps is always a great idea .

Soaps for the valentines Day
Soaps for the valentines Day

Whatever age you’re shopping for, we’ve got Valentine’s ideas you’ll love. Have a look around and find something special for your Valentine.

Valentine’s day gift basket
Valentine’s to Everyone !

Gifts for the Romantic


Gifts for the Romantic
Gifts for the Practical
Gifts for Kids
I like to share some — The tumblr Vintage Loves features  photos from past decades.
Happy Valentine’s February 14 2014 ..Xo
Valentine’s Day card for  food lover’s