5 Handmade Soap Gifts That Are Honestly So Much Better Than Roses For Valentines Day Gift..

Roses are very beautiful , but roses die maybe less then 2 days . Get your handmade soaps that lasts longer, instead. NATURAL HANDCRAFTED SOAP 
1. Buy your bae an 12 gift soaps . because you know they’re one-of-a-kind.

Artisan All Natural Twelve Piece Gentleman's Soap.Gift Set
Artisan All Natural Twelve Piece Gentleman’s Soap Gift Set

This is a Popular handmade soap for valentines day Beer Soap .Beer soap is an awesome gift for beer lovers – check out here NATURAL HANDCRAFTED BEER SOAP

Beer soap -Stout is a great gift for for anyone that has ever enjoyed a beer.

Valentines Handmade Soap Gift Box for Mother and Baby  BUY HERE HANDMADE SOAP 

Valentines Day Gift
Valentines Day Gift


Valentines Day Soap Gift Basket Five Piece Soap Set 100% All Natural – Natural Handmade

Making a lasting impression at the next special occasion with this soaps

A collection of unique and beautiful handmade soaps to make every celebration extraordinary.

Happy Valentine’s Gift

“Anyone who knows me will tell you I love soap.
These great big giant bars have the most beautiful artisan handcrafted soaps old style print, and they smell amazing delicious …
They’ve been my favorites for years.” May Loo

These great big giant bars have the most beautiful artisan handcrafted soaps

What do you get when you combine age-old Italian Chef with Brazilian Naturalist?
The Best Natural Soaps Ingredients Organic and Natural! Edited by Liisa Sullivan

Lavender – Lovely Soap – with Dead Sea Mud and Rose Clay !

Assorted Guest Soap Gift Set
Four moisturizing variety , 3.5 oz soaps beautifully scented with notes of tangerine, peppermint,coffee or honey milk’s.

Variety Of Milk Soap , Citrus , Peppermint , Lavender , Jasmine

She’ll take it personally if you give her a handmade gift natural fragrant 1 pound soaps (scented French Soaps)

Old Style -Jasmine French Soap

Goat’s Milk and Pear berry -Made from milk honey and beeswax sourced from local, sustainable,
chemical-free hives and Farm fresh goat’s milk, this bar soap is giant in moisture,, and nourishes your skin..

Goat’s Milk and Pear berry Awesome Soap for Kids …

The Art of Shaving Volcanic Ash Soap– Patchouli
Male Body and face soap –so he can get a perfect shave anywhere.

Volcanic Ash Soap– Patchouli Soap

Not only does this handmade soap box set look pretty; its contents
(Jasmine lilac , Blossom Honey Soap , Goat’s milk , Coffee and Citrus Soaps)Smells amazing, too.

Happy valentines handmade soap

Jasmine , Lilac and Lavender (French Soaps) -inspired by 18th-century botanical for women – seductive, beautiful fragrance.
Like a beautiful, blooming French garden.

Jasmine , Lilac and Lavender (French Soaps)

Sensuous, rich, refreshing. This unisex soaps has two selling points:
It’s a scented and unscented soap with Dead Sea ingredients –
it’s a whole lot cheaper than a ticket to the Dead Sea.”— wrote Ismael.

Soap for who washes up a hundred times a day: ( Castile Olive) to pamper and moisturize skin.
Review from Marie

State: Maryland
City: Baltimore
Skin Type: Combination
Skin Tone: Olive
Age: 45 – 54

I rarely leave reviews, but I was really impressed with this product. After the first wash, I felt it tightening and firming. I was very excited because after menopause, my skin has visibly changed. I can feel the smoothness and see the brightness, and I couldn’t be happier. I will definitely continue to use Natural handcrafted soaps.

Lia wrote –
State: New York
Skin Type: Combination
Skin Tone: Olive
Age: 35 – 44
I have written a review on natural handcrafted soap Facebook site and keep up on skin care blogs, this being one of them. I tell everyone I can about the product because of the good results I have gotten. Going on almost a year, my skin has never been this radiant and silky smooth. I HIGHLY recommend the copaiba and coffee soaps !

Valentine’s Day Handcrafted Soaps

Happy Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day is Just Around the Corner ,
Valentine’s Day, or as it is more formally known, Saint Valentine’s Day!

Gift Handcrafted Artisan soap ideas for your valentine this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for a gift for your Valentine, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered up all our handcrafted soap  top picks for Valentine’s Day 2014, from men and women’ handmade soaps is the way to go combine with a chocolate box and flowers , soaps is always a great idea .

Soaps for the valentines Day
Soaps for the valentines Day

Whatever age you’re shopping for, we’ve got Valentine’s ideas you’ll love. Have a look around and find something special for your Valentine.

Valentine’s day gift basket
Valentine’s to Everyone !

Gifts for the Romantic


Gifts for the Romantic
Gifts for the Practical
Gifts for Kids
I like to share some — The tumblr Vintage Loves features  photos from past decades.
Happy Valentine’s February 14 2014 ..Xo
Valentine’s Day card for  food lover’s