4 Organic Bar Soaps and 1 Gift Set with 4 Organic Soaps

Black Sea Mud Organic Soap with Anise and Bay Laurel from Israel -Jordanian . Black Natural Minerals Dead Sea Mud Soap.

Natural Handcrafted Soap -From the Dead Sea natural healing bar soap .
Found in the lowest part of the world, black mud from the Dead Sea is enriched with skin healthy minerals
Dead Sea Mud Israel Soap With Anise and Bay Laurel Soap – Black Natural Minerals Mud Soap

Brazilian Rosehip Soap -Vegan Organic Olive Oil and Mediterranean Sea Salt

Natural Handcrafted Soap Organic Soap  Brazilian Rosehip Seed Oil has been used by generations of the indigenous people from South America who recognize its healing and skincare benefits. Brazilian Rosehip Soap -Vegan Organic Olive Oil and Mediterranean Sea Salt

Organic Brazilian Espresso Soap –Coffee oil is very similar to our natural body oils and has the same PH level as human skin.

Organic Brazilian espresso coffee , coffee butter and the addition of Brazilian almond oil makes this soap not only alluring on your nose but great for your skin. Since ground coffee is a natural exfoliate and helps move away dead skin cells it makes this a great scrub soap. Aged Limited Edition Handcrafted Large Brazilian Espresso Coffee Soap

Greek Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil Soap Natural Handmade -Since ancient times organic olive oil has been used as a way to moisturize and help rejuvenate damaged skin

Using organic extra virgin  olive oil for skin is an ancient beauty secret, discovered thousands of years ago. Once called “liquid gold” by Homer olive oil was a commonly used skin care product by Phoenicians Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks. Olive oil has vitamin E and oleic acid, which are both beneficial to the skin. Olive oil’s oleic acid helps to soften the skin, and the vitamin E improves the elasticity of the skin… The earliest recipes for Aleppo soap date back to 2400 B.C. Local villagers harvest the olives and laurel berries, which grow wild in the forests of northern Syria and southeast Turkey They then press and boil them. This soft mixture is set in cave-like storage areas to dry for 6 to 9 months until it hardens into a 

Four Organic Olive Oil Gift Set Soaps- Organic Olive Oil Soap daily skin care. for sensitive, allergic, sun damaged, dry, aging, acne or problem skin

4 Organic Gift Set Olive Oil Soaps
Four Bar Gift Set Organic Olive Oil Soaps .That is a great way to try different soaps, stock up or share with your loved ones these amazing soaps are all “Natural” 7 to 8 oz each gift set individual soap wrap Four Organic Olive Oil Gift Set Soaps

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Grandma’s Natural Soap Handmade Artisan Handcrafted All …https://www.naturalhandcraftedsoapcompany.com
Natural Handcrafted Soap Company. takes pride in bringing the best in handcrafted soaps, that are healthy for the skin natural and handmade with lots of love.‎Handmade Soap · ‎Brazilian Soap · ‎Buttermilk Soap · ‎Castile Soap
Natural Handcrafted Soap Company | Amazon Handmadehttp://www.amazon.com › handmade › Natural-Handcr…
Grandma’s Natural Soap Artisan Handmade – Handmade soaps inspired by my Grandmother natural soaps made from scratch with REAL ingredients essential …
Grandmas All Natural Soap: Natural Handmade Handcrafted …https://www.naturalhandcraftedsoap.com
Natural Handcrafted Handmade Soap Where Skin Care Matters . Our handcrafted organic olive oil based (natural handmade soaps) are created in small …‎Catalog · ‎Leaf & Tree · ‎From The Ocean · ‎Milk

8 Organic Herbal AND Floral Soaps Will Actually Help Control Greasy, Oily Skin—Without Stripping The Nutrients Out

Organic Herbal Soaps is good for combination skin to oily skin, These 8 herbal soaps can effectively help the oily skin for a balanced, clean and moisturized in just one wash. When used cold process herbal and natural as a soap, you keep in your skin’s natural moisture. — This means it’s a good choice for anyone with oily or combination skin  face, hands and body, without stripping necessary oils or adding excess oil to your skin.

BEST Dealing with oily body and face? Herbal Peppermint and Sea Clay Clay will help you balance out the entire equation, thanks to the addition of three sea clay that help control oil production on the oily and moisturize the body at the same time. Peppermint oil purifies sluggish skin and pores and is suitable for use on oily skin, acne and blackheads. This soap has a intense, rich natural peppermint aroma.

AMAZON.COM Peppermint Soap Cold Process Handmade All Natural…$14.99

NATURALHANDCRAFTEDSOAPCOMPANY .COM Peppermint Handmade Natural Soap -Peppermint with Sea Clay

Best handmade herbal soap —Brazilian Rosehip Soap -Vegan Organic Olive Oil and Mediterranean Sea Salt

Rosehip with Mediterranean sea salt functions as a scrub body soap . While you massage, sea salt rebalances and gently exfoliates the skin, removing product build-up and excess oil . Natural Handcrafted Soap Company Brazilian Rosehip Soap -Vegan Organic Olive Oil and Mediterranean Sea Salt and ETSY VEGAN SOAP

Tea tree oil is well known for its skin healing properties and fresh scent. , Pure Vegan – Spirulina is a blue-green algae cultivated in clean fresh water and natural sunlight.

Tea tree oil is an essential oil obtained by steam distillation of the leaves of Melaleuca Alternifolia, a plant native to Australia.
Tea tree oil is most commonly found as a pure essential oil. One of the more popular home remedies for acne is tea tree oil .
Tea tree oil is well known for its skin healing properties and fresh scent.
FROM NATURAL HANDCRAFTED SOAP Australian Tea Tree Soap Face and Body

Natural Handcrafted Soap Company – Aged Sea Kelp Moss Organic Soap with Chamomile Herb

This Sea Kelp soap is rich in skin-nourishing . *Sea Kelp is rich in nutrients and, is an excellent stimulant and exfoliant. Sea herbs have been known to heal, hydrate, detoxify and re-mineralize the skin. Their amino acids, and slippery texture, act as a conditioner to the skin as well. Sea kelp gently polishes the skin, while the unrefined cocoa butter moisturizes . We also added chamomile herbs to stimulant exfoliating. This soap is amazingly refreshing in every shower.  AMAZON-HANDMADESEA KELP ORGANIC GREAT FOR OILY SKIN


Grandmas All Natural Soap

Natural Handcrafted Soap – lemongrass improves the texture of the skin by removing the dead cells thereby preventing the formation of blackheads, and whiteheads.

lemongrass plant
Made with mostly olive oil and hand selected Thai lemongrass essential oil and enhanced with dried Thai lemongrass and cocoa butter.
Lemongrass Soap with Cocoa Butter Handcrafted All Natural Soap

Lemongrass  Soap with Cocoa Butter image 0

Lemongrass Soap Helps improve the skin by reducing acne and pimples. It helps tone the muscle and tissues.

A beautiful flower and a beautiful Geranium -rose soap –this bar smell wonderful 
 oil helps to moisturize and rejuvenate the skin.

Geranium Soap is best skincare -relief from congested, oily and dry skin. On an emotional level, geranium promotes stability and balance.
Egyptian Geranium Soap With Natural Rose Clay

French lavender Jasmine Soap is an exotic, subtle floral scent. is trusted to open the heart chakra that is responsible for love .

Sea Clay- This is a dark clay ideal for soap face masks and mud mask applications. Its color ranges from light gray/green to dark gray. Due to its high content of minerals, sea clay draws oils from the skin, and is rich in algae, macro- and micro-minerals, as well as sodium and sulfur. Sea plants, seawater, sea salt and oceanic clay have long been popular physical-therapy ingredients in Europe.
Lavender Jasmine Grandiflorum Sea and Rose Clay Soap Handmade Artisan

There are many benefits from these soaps for oily skin and combination skin , still to name a few:

  • Removes wrinkles and age spots that make you look older. 
  • Hydrates the skin, thus keeping it moisturized.
  • Improves the immunity of the skin. .
  • Prevents acne and pimples.
  • Nourishes the skin from within to add glow. 
  • Increases the elasticity of the skin to make to prevent wrinkles. 

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Almond and Hazelnut Organic Handmade Soap –

Organic Handmade soaps, that rich creamy lather. The Almond and Hazelnut soap -Brazilian Almond and Hazelnut Soap Handmade
One of the common skin problems–that leads to other problems–is dry skin. This handmade SKIN CARE BENEFIT soap is made with lots of great oils, plus cocoa butter , almond , hazelnut and acai berry butter which makes this soap a real treat.

Provence French lavender and Rose Petals Organic Handmade Soap

French Lavender has long been valued not only for its fresh, sweet smell, but also for its wide and varied therapeutic benefits.
 Buy this soap here

Goat’s Milk and Organic Coconut Milk Soap Handmade

Bathe your skin in luxury, Goat and Organic. Coconut milk Soap was created to moisturize and smooth your skin to perfection!
Buy This Soap online here

Brazilian Rosehip Soap -Vegan Organic Olive Oil and Mediterranean Sea Salt

Rosehip Seed oil is an excellent natural moisturizing oil for routine daily skin care. In addition to its healing of sensitive, allergic, sun damaged, hyper pigmented, dry, aging, or problem skin, it also provides immediate relief for dry skin and eczema.

Organic Handcrafted Brazilian Coffee Soap and Espresso Natural Soap Brazilian Espresso Coffee

Natural Soap Brazilian Espresso Coffee

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Top products from this Artisan Amazon Handmade!

  1. Handmade 7+ oz Bar Soap Fresh Organic Sea Kelp Moss…$14.99Four and a half stars
  2. Dead Sea Mud Soap Israel with Shea Butter Artisan…$14.25Five stars
  3. Goat Milk Soap Handmade Made From Local Farm Fresh…$14.50Five stars
  4. Aged Artisan Grapefruit Natural Soap w/Brazilian Clay…$15.75

Google 4 organic citrus soap bar\eco-friendly natural and vegan

Ecofriendly Soap Florida Citrus Soap Made in the USA! Shop sustainable citrus orange lemon lime tangerine  handmade soaps . Cruelty-free, Vegan, Google shop on our web NATURAL HANDCRAFTED CITRUS SOAPS Safe for hands, face, and body.

If you were looking for an organic bar soap eco-friendly ingredients our Tangerine Citrus Soap Bar is the perfect choice to brighten up your shower routine.

Citrus soap made with organic and high quality natural citruses essential oils and butters , herbs and clays sourced from all over the world to create homemade soaps the old-fashioned way, made from a small batches cold-process method of soap-making. Handmade Citrus soaps is fresh All-natural ingredients. No harmful chemicals or preservatives.
Our Citrus Soap bar are made from Tangerine , Grapefruit Lemon, Lime and Orange Essential Oils. Citrus is also known for its Anti-wrinkle and Anti-Acne properties, it will leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated..
African Grapefruit Citrus Soap with All Natural Clay Handmade

Lemongrass Organic Soap- All Natural Thai Lemongrass Soap, Wonderful for all skin types, especially oily skin. Fresh grassy-citrus scent with an Earthy undertone is refreshing,stimulating and soothing Lemongrass (Cymbopogen citratus) is a grass in the same family as citronella. 

Exfoliates Skin:- lemongrass improves the texture of the skin by removing the dead cells thereby preventing the formation of blackheads, and whiteheads. It also helps in opening the clogged pores.

Lemongrass Soap 90% Organic Extra Virgin Greek Olive Oil with Shea Butter

Artisan Lemongrass Soap 90% Organic Extra Virgin Greek Olive Oil with Shea Butter – Lemongrass Essential Oil – Fresh Lemongrass, 5.5 oz. Limited Edition

Lemongrass essential oil has a plethora of therapeutic benefits when administered. The sensation the oil holds out for your body and mind will be well received. Its strong, caressing aroma is sufficient to excite your senses and calm insecurities of the heart. It’s refreshing. It’s vibrant, and it creates a protective wall around your mind to help allay emotional imbalance and disturbance. Lemongrass can be a ray of sunshine, a friend. Will you allow it to Enlarged pores and debris build-up spells acne… and more acne. Facial acne and blemishes are extreme joy and confidence killers. With lemongrass, your skin gets the care it deserves. The antiseptic and astringent chemicals may be used to clean clogged pores and prevent an infection. Your countenance will see less inflammation and redness. You’ll not only look but feel beautiful. Your confidence will get a boost in the right direction, and people will see the real you; not your breakouts and over sized pimples.

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